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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do you have web store, How do I order?
We don’t have any web store, the reason is majority of our sales are from dealers and distributors, also our products are belong to security equipment require professional installation. However, we do sell our products to individual customers with the reason of limited dealer coverage outside of China. Also we understand that certain customers with experience and knowledge on the security system may be able to install our alarm system by themselves. We therefore pleased to process orders when the customer is either a professional or can secure the services of a professional installation.
If you are interested in one of alarm systems and you are not a professional, please speak with our sales representative and technical support, our people will help on providing installation information.
For order our alarm systems or products, please submit your order via E-mail or Fax.

Q2: I want to place bulk order, can you send me price?
We receive many inquires each week, But before discussing our discounted dealer price, we ask you that you first acquire a product sample to evaluate. Samples are not free of charge, but charge less than our dealer retail price. After you tested our product sample and are satisfied with its features, we would be happy to discuss the bulk order and discount price.

Q3: The bulk price you quoted me is higher than what many other suppliers on B-to-B sites.
Firstly, don’t sell junk is our policy, we are not in the business of making products that are “noise-maker” alarm. We manufacture top quality security system and designed for customers who are seeking the quality and durability and value. ?In addition, the price will be much lower, when place the bulk order to us. In order to secure the quality of our security system, we do 100% inspection for every alarm system and sensors. You may can buy the similar products from market, but you only can get the top quality security system and covering warranty from us.

Q4: I want to be distributor or dealer in our country, what should I do?
If you want to be our distributor, you can contact our sales representative. We do have MOQ requirements for the order. After you tested our sample products, then place bulk order to us, we are happy to entitle your company to be our distributor or sole dealer.

Q5: I want to brand my name or want your company to design our alarm system what should I do?
Due to the rising cost, we do not offer branding service on products for order that quantity does not exceed 50 units. MOQ 50 is only for the service of printing the customer’s logo on the product. If the customers want to put logo on package box or design the product, the order quantity should exceed 100 units. Typically, we don’t charge extra money for these services, but it depends on the requirements of customer, our company may take less money for extra service.

Q6: Where can I get the technical support?
We do offer technical support to our customers. Our technical support are not 24 hours online, but we make sure that technical support online at least 18 hours. We are working on Monday to Friday, don’t work at weekend. Customer should contact us during our working time. Customer can get the online technical support by clicking icon bar on our website. If you need sophisticated technical support, we suggest customers to write an E-mail to us. Our technical support E-mail: techsupport@123anfang.com

Q7: What the shipping method can I use?
For sample order or direct customers, we use the express service like DHL, UPS, Fedex, HKEMS. For the bulk order, typically we use the Air Freight and Sea shipping. The shipping charges are on account of customer. If customer has the DHL, TNT, UPS, Fedex account, then the shipping cost can be Freight Collect. Normally, all the shipping included with the insurance, but we are not responsible for loose or damage during the delivery.

Q8: All the products are in stock?
Due to the slump of economy and cost of material, we are keeping the stock in a very low rate. Most of time, we produce the products according the order. The popular selling products are in stock, we can make the delivery within 48 hours.

Q9: Do our alarm system can work with other's sensors or our sensor compatible with other alarm systems?
All our wired alarm systems or hybrid alarm systems (with wireless and wired zones) can support any kind of wired sensors from the market, also our wired sensors are compatible with other's alarm control panel. Due to we are using different technology. our wireless alarm systems and wireless sensors can not work with majority of other's alarm system. If you want to check this accurately, you should submit the technical information of either alarm panel or wireless sensors to our technical support.