9CH AC24V Power Supply Box for CCTV Cameras

9CH AC24V Power Supply Box
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AC24V power supply box(Model: AT-F-09-3) which is designed to provide AC voltage to your traditional AC24V analog camera. This power supply utilizes toroidal transformer which has capability to provide you the most stable voltage for up to 9 units analog camera at 1 amperage. Please note this model has two different input voltage; AC 220-240V input which is suitable for countries in Asia, Europe, Africa; AC 100-110V input model works in Japan, South/North American countries.

AC24V camera system advantages

In the past, CCTV cameras were 24V AC, but 12V DC become popular due to their low cost. Since voltage will drop during cable connection, a 24V AC camera can minimize the voltage drop problem by using 24V AC power supply.

Some manufacturers offer dual voltage CCTV camera can be powered with either voltage by simply hooking it up to the AC 24V or DC 12V power sources. This power supply box has metal cabinet, included a power switch and fuses, which is mainly used in analog CCTV system.

Why choose AC24V cctv power supply? In the premise of same transmission distance, the higher the voltage, the smaller of the voltage drop during transmission.

AC24V Power Supply Box Gallery

9CH AC24V Power Supply Box 9CH AC24V Power Supply Box 9CH AC24V Power Supply Box

Features & Specification

  • Metal cabinet power supply distribution box
  • AC 220-240V AC input or AC 100-110V input
  • AC 24V 10A output
  • Providing power to 9 units CCTV cameras
  • Maximum current output 1.1Amp
  • Traditional toroidal transformer, stable voltage
  • Lowest RF interference
  • Fuse protection for each channels
  • LED indicators for each of channels
  • Power ON/OFF switch
  • Wall mount installation
  • Working environment, -20℃~50℃;20%~90%RH

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