Hardwired Miniature Curtain PIR Motion Detector

Hardwired Miniature Curtain PIR Motion Detector
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Name: Curtain PIR Motion Sensor

The miniature curtain type PIR motion detector is ideal for interior intrusion detection purpose. The tiny size curtain PIR detector is designed for virtually unnoticeable intrusion detection of openings such as doors, windows and corridors. The detector adopts dual-element PIR motion sensors can provide narrow yet long distance (max. 6 meters) detection angle. Like other PIR motion sensors, the product implements several new technologies including digital logic circuit design, smart direction recognition, as well as true temperature compensation.

Comparing traditional PIR motion sensor which usually provides wide angle detection, curtain PIR motion sensor provides a narrow angle and directional recognizable detection. Curtain PIR motion detector can create a virtual curtain protection area for your living rooms or bedrooms. Due to this reason, curtain type PIR motion sensor is more suitable for monitoring traffic through a door, or window. Directional recognizable detection means the sensor only triggers an alarm when people enters monitored area, it will not trigger alarm when people left the monitored area. 

It's a hardwired type security detector has normal close relay output, it can be wired to your hardwired alarm panels, or other security equipment such as access controller, CCTV DVR, IP NVR, IP cameras. By using PIR motion sensors, your security system can have the reliable motion detection that has the lowest false alarm rate. 

Curtain PIR Main Features

Logic control, eliminate false alarm
Auto temperature compensation
Pulse count adjustment ( three level)
Anti white light interference design
Anti RF interference(20V/m-1GHz) design
Ceiling mounted installation method
Alarm output: N.C./N.O. Optional
SMT manufacture technology, anti RF interference

Curtain PIR Technical Parameters

Power supply
9~16 VDC, 12 VDC typical
Static Current NC <15mA   NO <6mA ;
Alarm current
NC < 9mA    NO <18mA
Infrared sensor
Dual element, high sensitivity, low noise
Alarm period
1.5 ~ 2.5 sec.
Detection angle
15 degree wide
Detection range 6m @25 C
Mounting height
2.0~2.4m, 2.4~3.6 m with bracket
Alarm output
NC, 0.2 A, 30 VDC
NC open trigger
Pulse count
1 / 2 / 3, selectable
Temperature -10°C~50°C(14°F~122°F)
100mm * 32mm (H)

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