Hardwired Gas Leakage Detector

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Name: Hardwired Gas Leakage Detector

Hardwired Gas Detector Features:

Built-in reliable high sensitive gas leak sensor
Detection Natural Gas / LPG / Coal Gas
Auto reset, with test button design
Alarm output: Sound&Flash alarm;Relay output;
MCU processing adopted
Drivable accessaries: electromagnetic valve or manipulator
Malfunction auto-check indicator
SMT manufacture technology,good stability
Execute criterion:GB15322;EN50194;UL1484

Gas Leak Detector Technical Parameter

Operating voltage?DC12-24V
Alarm output?Relay output; sound & flash alarm
Sound level: 85dB/3 meters
Installation?Wall mounted
Gas species:LPG&Natural gas
Alarm level:10%±5%LEL
Rated power?2W

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  • Lisa


    03 February 2014 at 13:58 | #

    Do you operate in York, Pennsylvania. If so please give me a phone number. I have lost my sense of smell due to an accident and my Dr says I should have one of these. Thank you


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