Low False Alarm Rate Durable PIR Motion Sensor

Durable wireless PIR motion detector
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New Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
Model: VS-WH500

VS-WH500 is new wireless passive infrared motion detector combined with modern housing design. The detector is powered by Alkaline battery, built-in smart digital signal processing technology and fresnel lens for true and accurate human detection. The detection range 12 meters at 110 degree. The VS-WH500 is working under 433MHz, wireless transmission distance is maximum 100 meters, the detector can work with all wireless alarm systems. Different from other PIR motion sensor, VS-WH500 with true temperature compensation design.

Main Features

  • Alkaline battery (DC 9V) powered
  • Pet immunity optionally
  • Micro controller signal processing
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • White light immunity
  • Alarm LED On/Off optional
  • Anti-tamper switch
  • Temperature compensation
  • High RFI/EMI immunity
  • Detection angle: 90°
  • Transmitting distance: >100m(328ft)

wireless PIR motion sensor

Wireless PIR motion sensor Wireless PIR motion sensor with bracket Wireless PIR motion sensor with temperature compensation

Technical Parameters:

Power supply
DC 9V (“6F22 ”battery)
Static Current <=25uA
Alarm current
Infrared sensor
Dual element, high sensitivity, low noise
Mounting Method
wall or corner  mounted with bracket
Code  form
Radio frequency
Radio distance
100m (328ft)
Range of coverage
11 distance, 8 middle, 5 vicinities
Detection angle
12m, 110 degree
Alarm indicators
Red Led.
Installation method
wall mounted or hanged in corner with mount bracket
Installation height
1.7 to 2.5m (2.2m is recommended)
Anti RF interference
10MHz - 1GHz  20V/m
Environment humidity
95% RH (no congelation)
Pulse count
1 / 2 / 3, selectable
Temperature -10°C~50°C(14°F~122°F)

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  • lasantha


    02 March 2014 at 05:34 | #

    kindly let me know the prices of all wireless type motion detectors (normal/pet immune type)


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