Magnetic Contact Switch for Metal Doors/Windows

Magnetic Contact Switch for Metal Doors/Windows
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Durable magnetic contact switch for perimeter intrusion detection, it can be suitable for intrusion detection of any metal doors and windows. Product adopts Alloy-Zn material design with embedded durable reed switch can provide up to 10 years life-span. The magnetic contact switch can provide you the most reliable intrusion detection, zero false alarm rate comparing with PIR motion sensor. The detector has normally closed output to be connected with your alarm monitoring system, access control system, video surveillance system or even home automation system.


Model: MC-56
Suitable for metal doors/windows
Material: Alloy-Zn
Contact type: Normally Closed (N.C.)
Sensing distance: 25-35mm
Rated Contact Current: 0.5A
Rated Voltage: 100V
Rated Power: 10W
Wire: 1007UL#22AWG 260mm

MC-56 Metal Magnetic Contact MC-56 Metal Magnetic Contact Switch

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