Fire Alarm Wired Heat/Temperature Detector

Fire Alarm Wired Heat/Temperature Detector
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Name: Wired Heat Detector
Model: VS-H200

Unifore VS-H200, a heat detector for fire alarm detection purpose, can work with conventional fire alarm panels and your hardwired alarm panels through N.C./N.O. relay outputs. The product is designed to detect rapid increase of indoor temperature caused by smoldering or flame fire events, it can protect your home and family from possible fire hazards. The product adopts fireproof material housing design can withstand high temperature.

When temperature increases up to 57 Celsius degree (137F) this threshold, the detector will be triggered. The detector has LED indicator will keep flashing to inform people, meanwhile send alarm signal to hardwired fire alarm panel or burglar alarm system to set off a fire alarm. The alarm receiving center will dispatch emergency department to handle your fire incidents after confirmation.

The detector has normal close and normal open relay outputs to work with different devices, it includes detachable installation bracket design enables it to be easily install and offer hassle-free maintenance. One heat detector can protect a area around 60-80 square meters. It’s suitable for ceiling mountable installation.

Download Heat Detector in PDF: Click here !

Main Features

SMT manufacture technology
Low standby current
Anti-RFI & anti-EMI
9-35VDC wide operating voltage range
LED visible in 360 degrees direction
Power supply non-polar input
Remote LED indicator output(4 wires)
Execute criterion:GB4716 ; EN54-5 ; UL521

Technical Parameter

Operating voltage: DC 9-35V
Static current: 50ua
Alarm current: 22mA@12V; 40mA@24V
Alarm output: Relay output;  LED indicator
Alarm temperature:57 Celsius degree
Operating temperature: :-10?~+50?
Dimension: 100*48mm

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