Fire Alarm Wired Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Fire alarm photoelectric smoke detector for home and commercial buildings
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Name: Wired Smoke Detector
Model: VS-YY400


The smoke detector senses the smoke comes into the sensing chamber and gives early warning of developing fire by sending the fire alarm signal to the control console. It also gives off the warning sound from its built-in buzzer.

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Wired Smoke Detector Features

Power supply non-polar input
MCU processing adopted, eliminate false alarm
Network output/LED indicating alarm
SMT manufacture technology, high stability
Dustproof, mothproof, anti-light interference design
Stain steeless shield, anti-RFI(20V/m-1GHz)
Execute criterion:GB4715;EN54-7;UL268;EN14604;UL217

Wired Smoke Detector Technical Parameters

Operating voltage: DC9-35V
Static current: 12mA(NC):2mA(NO)
Alarm current:3mA(NC):15mA(NO)
Alarm output: Relay output
Installation:Ceiling mounted
Working environment:-10°-50°;95%RH

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