Fire Alarm Wired Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Fire Alarm Photoelectric Smoke Detector
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Name: Wired Smoke Detector
Model: VS-YY700

Photoelectric smoke detector is designed for fire hazard detection, it’s the most suitable fire detector for smoldering fire. The detector adopts photoelectric diode for smoke intensity detection, once the intensity of entering smoke inside chamber reaches the threshold, smoke alarm will be triggered. The smoke detector will set off piezo siren to alert people while LED indicator keeps flashing. It’s a hardwired type detector, can be wired to your hardwired alarm panels (including burglar alarm panel and fire alarm panels).

VS-YY700 hardwired smoke detector can effectively detect smoke inside a 20 squire meter room. The detector adopts fireproof material housing to endure high heat environment. The detector comes with removable installation bracket. Rotating the detector can easily be installed or removed for maintenance. The detector has normal close and normal open relay outputs can be compatible with a wide range of hardwired security systems. The detector is suitable for ceiling installation, 4-wires type smoke detector can work with hardwired intrusion alarm panels, 2-wires type smoke detector can work with fire alarm panels.

Fire hazards

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Key Features:

ASIC control, Special chamber design has greatly decreased dust levels.
Manual test, auto-reset 
Infrared photoelectric sensor and improved detection accuracy
Network output / LED indicator
Thin structure design, advanced technology enables this detector to increase its precision in fire detection
Strong adaptability to circumstance
SMT adopted
Dust-proof, fireproof and anti-white light
Low power indication

Photoelectric smoke detector wiring diagram

Technical Parameters:

Operating voltage: DC 9-16V
Standby current: less than 200uA
Alarm current: less than 20mA
Operating temp.: -10 Celsius to +50 Celsius degree
Working humidity: less than 95% RH
Alarm mode: network output / LED indicator
Detecting area: 20 square meter 
Sensitivity: class I 
Alarm output: relay output (N.C.)
Dimension: 100mm dia.*55mm deep

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    22 July 2018 at 00:04 | #

    I need to know , if there is type od smoke /heat detectors for industrial location ??
    may be there is IP or NEMA standerd to industrial locations look like painting shed, chemical stores...etc

    please help


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