Wireless Magnetic Contact Switch for Burglar Alarm Monitoring Sys

Wireless Magnetic Contact Switch for Burglar Alarm Monitoring Sys
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New stylish magnetic contact switch or door/window sensor has built-in wireless transmitter can work with your wireless alarm monitoring system. It uses a CR2032 button battery can last 24 months. Unlike conventional wireless magnetic contact switch, it can provide longer service and eliminate necessity of replacing battery regularly. Moreover, it features low-voltage reminding, once battery runs out, users will be notified to ensure your system can protect your house no interruption. Lastly, it has anti-tamper design, dismantle sensor will trigger an alarm immediately. It supports fast-easy-installation by using included 3M double-side tape.

Moreover, the sensor doubles the wireless transmission range comparing with conventional wireless magnetic contact sensor. It's compatible with alarm panels that runs 433MHz wireless frequency and using learning code technology.

Technical Parameters:

Operating voltage: DC3V CR2032 battery
Standby current: <=5uA
Transmitting current: <=15mA
Battery life: 24 months
Transmitting Freq.: 433MHz (including 433.92MHz)
Sending distance: 200m (in the open area)
Code mode: learning code, roll code

Customer Feedback (3)

  • Phil


    11 June 2013 at 14:50 | #

    I am looking for a numer of wireless NC reed switches to turn off ac units when a door is opened, can you assist?


  • Unifore


    12 June 2013 at 22:16 | #

    Hello Phil, the wireless NC reed switches can not activate the AC unit directly, the reason is it doesn't contain any dry contact output for wireless magnetic contact, additionally wired reed switchs do can connect to eletronics, but the rate voltage below 25V. If you want to use the wireless NC reed switches to turn off AC units, you have to make a wireless receiver with relay, thus this can work.


  • Sheraz


    12 April 2017 at 03:38 | #

    Hi dear,
    i hope you will be fine i want to confirm that how NC reed switch sent unique ID to receiver like controller can you provide me a datasheet or guide that explain the operation of sending and transmission.


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