Wireless Magnetic Contact Switch 433MHz

Wireless Magnetic Contact Switch 433MHz
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New style wireless magnetic contact switch or door&window sensor for burglar alarm system. It's designed for OEM clients who wish to have a different package of wireless alarm monitoring system from us. The product adopts the latest hardware design which supports two-way communication, it can supervise communication between sensor and alarm panel. The detector can be easily mount on doors and windows to protect your house from potential burglary. If you are interested in this product, please feel free to consult with us.

Key Features:
Smart door/window magnetic contact for smart zone application
Wireless magnetic contact with panic button.
Wireless magnetic contact with smart mount bracket design, easy to installation and maintenance.
Powered by 1.5V AA battery or 3V CR2032, can expand the usage of life-span.
Tamper-switch design to prevent vandalism

Technical Parameters:

Operating voltage: DC1.5V AA battery or 3V CR2032.
Standby current: <=5uA
Transmitting current: <=15mA
Battery life: After recharge 1 to 2 years, can recharged 10000 times.
Transmitting Frequency.: 433MHz
Wireless transmission distance: 200m (in the open area)
Code mode: learning code

Customer Feedback (3)

  • Jose


    10 May 2013 at 12:14 | #

    I bought one of this, but i don't know how recgargeable it ?. Could you please tell me how and send me the manual. Thanks


  • Unifore


    10 May 2013 at 22:01 | #

    Hello Jose,

    Thanks for your feedback. On the back, you need remove the installation bracket, then you will find a Turn ON/OFF switch, and a standard small USB jack. Push the power ON/OFF switch, you can turn ON/OFF the sensor, use the standard USB cable connect it to computer or cellphone charger, then it will start to recharge. You just need to recharge it after 12 months or long period, because the battery can last for more than 12 months after first recharge.


  • Morten


    03 June 2014 at 07:13 | #

    I bought one of these since I was told by Helena He that this is the only sensor that works correctly with the G70 alarm panel, sending low battery warnings to the panel.

    After some tries I have not being able to make the alarm panel react on the low battery signal.
    I have setup a signal sniffer, and it shows that the sensor sends:
    when the battery runs out. That is received by the panel as a "open door" alarm (witch normally is:

    Otherwise this is a great sensor, low battery usage and both transmitting open and close door (so the alarm panel know there is a door/window open when you try to arm)
    And the push button seems to transmit as a separate sensor (in my case the code is:
    Making it easy to configure that to what ever you want.

    So my question is:

    Can I make this sensor correctly transmit the low battery signal to the G70 panel (panel is configured for "smart sensor" and send sms on low sensor battery)?
    If this codes are not correct (1101) for low battery, what code should the sensor then send for a low battery warning?

    Really hope you can help me out here

    Morten Vinding


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