Wireless Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detector

Wireless Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detector
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Wireless photoelectric smoke & heat sensor for providing potentially life-saving warnings, it has built-in alarm buzzer and flash LED, making warning sound when detects fire. Additionally, it has built-in RF transmitter, intended to work with wireless burglar alarm and eRobot IP camera through 433MHz RF signal.

Photoelectric smoke detectors utilize a light beam that shines into a receptor inside the devices. If smoke interrupts the beam in any way, the alarm sounds. Photoelectric detects react best to long and smoldering fires, while ionization detectors respond more rapidly in case of high flames.

Compared with other smoke sensor, this detector incorporates a heat sensor inside for rapid temperature rising detection. Once the temperature reaches threshold 57℃(135°F) , detector will be triggered.

This professional smoke sensor is powered by 9V battery, it includes with a removable ceiling mount bracket for installation. The detector has low voltage warning, test and push button design. complies with EN54-4, EN14604 standard.

Primary Features

  • Wireless detector works with alarm/eRobot
  • Photoelectric smoke sensor + heat sensor
  • React fast to smoldering/flaming fire
  • Adopting MCU Intelligent Processing
  • Test/Hush button design
  • Mal-function auto-check
  • Sound (85dB/m) & Flash LED Alarm
  • Dust-proof and Anti-white light design
  • Anti-RF Interference (20V/m-1GHz)
  • Works with 433MHz wireless system

Technical Information

  • Model: VS-WY300
  • Wireless Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Wireless Range: up to 100 meters
  • Code type: eV1527/PT2262
  • Temperature Threshold: 57℃
  • Smoke Sensitivity: 2.06%ft±1.3%ft
  • Sound volume: 85dB/3m
  • Installation Method: Wall or Ceiling mounted
  • Working Environment: -10℃~+50℃( ≤95%RH No congelation )
  • Dimension: Φ128*38mm

Customer Feedback (2)

  • where can-I buy this type of material?

    where can-I buy this type of material?

    22 August 2016 at 20:37 | #

    I own a complete sytem working under 433.92MHz and want to add this very esssential equipment to it.
    Where can I buy it in Europe ?


  • Garee


    04 October 2017 at 22:50 | #


    I am interested your product.
    Thank you & Best Regards
    Garee Tan
    Digi Engineering Pte Ltd


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