Wireless Roller Shutter Contact Switch for Roller Shutter

Wireless Roller Shutter Contact Switch for Roller Shutter
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Wireless magnetic contact switch is designed for installation of roller shutter/garage door. The product adopts heavy-duty Alloy-Zn material design, includes a wireless emitter which adopts external antenna design to gain high performance covers a large area.

VS-WMMC can detect opening or closing of any rolling gate/door. The metalized magnet can be installed on the motion door while the metalized reed pipe can be installed on the floor by screws, and keep it at the same level and parallel with the metalized magnetic part. When the magnet moves away from the tranmistter more than 1.5cm, the transmitter emits a signal to trigger the alarm.

Main Features:

Idea for Metal door
Including 4 Screws
Housing Material: Alloy-Zn/Alloy-Al
Housing Coulor: White/Brown

Technical Parameters:

Operating voltage: DC 12V
Standby current: <=5uA
Transmitting current: <=15mA
Battery life: 1 to 2 years
Transmitting frequency.: 433M
Sending distance: 200m (in the open area)
Code mode: learning code, roll code

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