Outdoor Solar Powered Wireless Infrared Barrier Detector

Outdoor Solar Powered Wireless Infrared Barrier Detector
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Wireless Solar 4 Beams Sensor

New design solar powered wireless active infrared fence detector, quad infrared beams for 10 meters protection. The beam sensor adopts the advanced detection technology and signal processing for reliable and accurate intrusion detection, redue the false alarm which is caused by flying birds, raining weather, drop tree leaf...etc temperature changes and other interference condition. The wireless solar powered fence sensor is suitable for the premeter protection for the windows, doors and balcony...etc places where requires the perimeter protection.

Unifore solar powered outdoor Infrared barrier detectors adopt the active infrared detection technology can effectively protect your property. The product adopts 4 active Infrared beams design to offer accurate intrusion detection, it can create invisible fence barrier around your property, it is therefore the best burglar protect to secure garage doors, windows, balconies and more places. Comparing traditional Infrared fence detector, it utilizes built-in solar panel and rechargeable battery to provide you the cost effective perimeter alarm solution without trenching and wiring. The product can offer maximum 10 meters or 20 meters point to point intrusion detection.

The new generation IR barrier has built-in high power wireless transmitter, it can work with a wide range of 433MHz wireless alarm panels. When infrared beams are interrupted/blocked by intruders, the detector will trigger an alarm and send signals to alarm panel. The alarm panel can turn on sirens to deter intruders, meanwhile notify users or alarm receiving center by auto-dialing call, SMS, or even push notification alerts. Unlike traditional wireless detectors, the detector provides up to 500 meters wireless transmission range.

It’s powered by high conversation rate solar panels, built-in rechargeable long life-span Lithium iron phosphate battery. Under cloudy or no-lighting condition, the detector still can operator continuously up to 30 days. The detector adopts durable aluminum housing design, it’s high-end and anti-oxidation suitable for a long time outdoor usage. Furthermore, the detector adopts rotation axis design can support 180 degree rotation to support angle adjustment for offering flexible installation. Lastly, it support sensitivity adjustment, and built-in ultra lower power processor to analysis signals, it also has anti-tamper switch design, if detector is intentionally damaged or opened, anti-tamper alarm will be triggered immediately.

Primary Features

  • 4 active infrared beams for accurate and low false detection
  • The infrared transmitter and receiver built-in with solar panel (life span more than 10 years)
  • The Infrared transmitter and receiver with rechargeable backup battery
  • The beam sensor is equipped with wireless transmitter, working with our wireless alarm system
  • The detection range for this solar fence: 10 meters
  • Waterproof IP66 rated design for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Equipped with the function of self-check, when face with trouble, send signal to alarm system.
  • Immune to strong light interference, with interference indicating function
Active Infrared Fence Barrier Application
Solar Powered Completely Wireless Perimeter Detector
Weatherproof Outdoor Infrared Barrier Detector
180 degree axis rotation design
Wireless Infrared Barrier with built-in battery
Infrared Barrier Product Dimension


  • Model: VG-4T10, VG-4T20
  • Number of beams: Quadruple (4)
  • Detection range: 10 meters, 20 meters
  • Infrared wavelength: 940nm
  • Light sources: digital filter type
  • Sensor detection speed: 100ms
  • Power supply: DC3.2V (Lithium iron phosphate battery)
  • External rechargeable power: DC12V 500-1000mA
  • Static current: transmitter<=0.5mA, receiver:<=0.3mA
  • Max. trigger times: <=50 in 24 hours
  • Solar panel output: 1800Lux>=0.2mA (note: outdoor cloudy day sun light = 2000Lux)
  • Alarm output: relay output contact rating AC/DC 30V 0.5A max
  • Wireless frequency: 433MHz AM
  • Battery capacity: transmitter 500mAH; receiver 1000mAH
  • Using temperature: -25 Celsius degree – 65 celsius degree
  • Dismantle prevention output: relay output contact rating AC/DC 30V 0.5A Max.
  • Adjusting angle of optical axis: 180°
  • Hairline Pointer: Window type
  • Connection: M3 Connection Assistance, Spiral Terminal
  • Other function: Induction Testing Output Terminal
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Warranty: 12 months factory warranty
  • Material: PC engineering plastic/Resin

Customer Feedback (7)

  • Douib Mohamed

    Douib Mohamed

    26 November 2014 at 15:27 | #

    Hi my dear friend
    I need the price of this wireless fence sensor.
    and the price of all models Fence and IR Beam Detector
    thank you in advance


  • Unifore


    27 November 2014 at 21:54 | #

    Hi there,

    We only have solar powered wireless fence sensor, it comes as a pair, and consists of transmitter and receiver.
    Our sales team will contact you for your inquiry.


  • john schiller

    john schiller

    01 September 2016 at 13:53 | #

    I am at present doing a consulting job for a client that has a boat yard approximately 200mtres x 200 meters . We are looking a perimeter security infra red system plus incorporating. WiFi security cameras up to 32 cameras including DVR and WiFi repeaters and Routers. Including Storage. We are looking for complete system and recommendation from and expert how to put the system together. So all we need to do is install. As the camera range is so large and the market is huge we are looking for a company that can give expert advise on how to set up the system. The camera must be setup at the entrance of the Boat yard to monitor cars and trucks entering and number plates. There are two or 3 towers for lights and cameras can be set up in these. Depending on range of camera. The work shop needs 3 or 4 cameras inside also the front of the small business section and in between all the rows of boats. including the fence line. Plus the the area near the water needs infra red security sensors I estimate about 11 sets with 4 beams. PIR distance 10mtrs The fence line all around has power the center also has power and towers for lights. Need pro cameras not home camera
    Regards John Schiller


  • Frederick Oturoku

    Frederick Oturoku

    10 September 2016 at 17:53 | #

    I want to a laser protection solution for my home. To protect my windows and doors from intruders.
    I will appreciate a solution which can have camera integration in the future.

    2. I want a wireless camera solution of 8 cameras and nvr/dvr which I can monitor away from home.


  • Martin


    07 September 2018 at 13:16 | #

    I want laser sensors that can integrate with programmable with arduino boards.
    kindly advise if you have them


  • albert smith

    albert smith

    12 November 2018 at 05:07 | #

    nice information. For more visit quicken error cc-502.


  • michael bauer

    michael bauer

    09 December 2018 at 23:50 | #

    yes im looking for infared beam peremiter for an area up to 1/4 mile do you have such a system or can you point me in right direction


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