CCTV Security Camera Lens Calculator

How my security camera can view area ? what's the view angle ?  How far the security camera can reach the area ?
All these questions are related the CCD and lens used in security camera.

We made this calculate tool which can auto calculate the lens, also we summarized reference table for your checking

Choosing lens for video surveillance camera

Lens is the eye of the camera, the quality of lens determined the clearance of images. Except focusing on the selection and design of CCD and DSP circuit, choosing an appropriate lens for security camera is very important to achieve the full features of security camera. Lens consist of one series or muti-series of optical lens, adopts the mechanical structure to form image. Different optical lens combination can form different distance of image. Manufacturers design and manufacture different camera lens to meet the various demands from market. Due to the complex of installation environment, some of security camera installer and security dealer may face problem on the selection of correct camera lens for video surveillance camera. We herein share some information with our own experience.

How to identify good and poor quality of security lens?

Lens is one of most important component for CCTV system, it's the essential component to consist the CCD image device. There are plenty of manufacturers that produce the various types of lens and models, also the improved features special lens continue launched. Now we can find the non-spherical lens in the market, it's belong to this innovation products. It breaks through the regulates of the CCTV industry, and innovate the traditional manufacturing process.

Security Cameras Lens