Hauppauge MySmarthome Control Starter Kit

Hauppauge released Mysmarthome control starter kit on the CeBIT 2015, one of most famous show/exhibition for IT industry. Hauppauge, headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, about 40 miles east of New York City, Hauppauge Computer Works has been bringing TV to the PC since 1992. The Company is the worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing PC based TV tuners and data broadcast receiver products.

Hive - Smart Home Security System Z-Wave ZigBee

Hive - is another new startup company in smart home industry, they are trying to design Z-wave and ZigBee communication standards based smart home and security system.

Introducing Z-Wave, Wi-Fi automation system - Zipato Zipamini

All-in-on smart home automation system - Zipato, which is the interactive security and automation system based on Z-Wave, Cloud technology. User can control, customize and automate all home appliances in your home, watch live video from your home and get instant alerts in case of any security issue. Zipato Zipamini is a powerful home automation gateway based on Dual Core ARM Cortex A7 processor, it supports Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and Ethernet communication. Zipato offers three main functions include security protection, energy management, home automation.

Z-Wave product: Aeotec MultiSensor 6

Z-Wave Aeotec MultiSensor 6

Aeotec MultiSensor 6 is based on newest version of Z-Wave - Gen5. It's a home security & automation sensor adopts 6-in-1 design. This compact white color sensor has built-in 120°wide angle motion detection PIR motion sensor, and an incremental temperature sensor can measure -40 to +125°C (-40 to +257°F) and reporting temperature changes back to a smart home gateway, a light sensor which measures the level of light in a room, a humidity sensor to monitor environment humidity range from 0% to 100%, a vibration sensor to detect event-based vibrations, as well as UV sensor accurately measures ultraviolet light; the kind of light that causes everything from furniture bleaching to eye damage.