Boat Alarm

GSM cellular wireless alarm system for marine yacht boat security

After invest huge amount of money on your lovely boat, it's the time to think how to protect it away from intrusion, fire disaster, as well as flood. We are willing to provide some information about how our GSM security alarm system works in marine yacht boat.

Different from security alarm system work at residential and commercial, the marine yacht boat alarm system must be with features of mobility and portable, wireless, as well as easy to install and operate.

Wireless alarm system for home, office, boat, building sites

Wireless alarm system for home

Unifore security offers complete security solution for residential and commercial business, our innovative wireless alarm system are based on GSM cellular technology, the system is rechargeable battery powered, it can not only call, but also send an SMS (short text message) to preset phone numbers, when it detect intruder in the protection area. The system is built-in GSM cellular communicator, thus it works in anywhere covered with GSM signal.