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Blink, a wire-free affordable HD home monitoring system

Blink is developed and built by Immedia; the system itself is designed for simplicity. Creating a whole-house monitoring system is as easy as placing the Blink cameras anywhere in the home and downloading the Blink app. These wire-free cameras can be effortlessly placed, moved, or adjusted, making it easy for renters or homeowners to create a system that’s perfect for their lifestyle. With that, you're free to create and expand a system that's perfectly tailored to your home: Blink's battery-powered, wire-free design means it's simple to monitor any part of your home, from entryways and windows to the living room, kitchen, kids' rooms or garage.

Smart HD home camera with thermometer and PIR motion sensor

Simple to install and use, smart security solution for your home or small business. D1001 is an innovative smart IP camera which is designed to provide you clearer video monitoring and with versatile functions. With 75 degrees of viewing angle, and using a 720p progressive scan CMOS image sensor, as well as adopting manual rotating mechanical design to offer you a wide area monitoring with 1280x720p high definition images. This is a smart IP camera, it has Temperature/humidity sensor for thermometer function and built-in passive infrared motion sensor for true intrusion detection.

Top 10 Best Home Security IP Camera

Bring the users peace of mind, home security camera is the ideal security device not only for premises protection but, mostly, for watching over pets and family members. IP camera becomes the prevalent solution among today's home surveillance applications. Compared with traditional analog CCTV system and the current analog HD surveillance system, the IP camera supports remote monitoring through smart phone devices, as well as hassle-free installation with P2P or Cloud storage.