Blink, a wire-free affordable HD home monitoring system

Blink is developed and built by Immedia; the system itself is designed for simplicity. Creating a whole-house monitoring system is as easy as placing the Blink cameras anywhere in the home and downloading the Blink app. These wire-free cameras can be effortlessly placed, moved, or adjusted, making it easy for renters or homeowners to create a system that’s perfect for their lifestyle. With that, you're free to create and expand a system that's perfectly tailored to your home: Blink's battery-powered, wire-free design means it's simple to monitor any part of your home, from entryways and windows to the living room, kitchen, kids' rooms or garage.


Once set up, the battery-powered Blink units are capable of running for as long as a year with no need for charging or battery changes, and deliver instant motion or temperature alerts through iOS and Android devices. Blink’s Live View mode also allows users to check in at their convenience.

Blink comes standard with multiple features beyond video capabilities. The system can be set to monitor the temperature and send alerts if it becomes too hot or too cold. Night vision and a built-in microphone ensure high-quality video full and audio recordings. Blink can also send status alerts to inform owners if the Wi-Fi has gone out or the cameras need a battery change.

“Blink delivers the first home monitoring experience that’s both truly affordable and customizable. You can place it anywhere, and build it out in the manner that suits your needs, without the hassle of installation or monthly fees,” said Don Shulsinger, Immedia’s VP of Marketing and Sales.

While the initial product has been instrumental in building the interest already accumulated, Immedia has been keen on listening to the community for feedback on Blink; the team recently introduced three new features. An auto arm/disarm option has been implemented to augment the usability; an onboard storage option has been added to address privacy concerns; and the team has also made the API available as a mechanism to allow for future integration with other smart home devices.


■ HD video

HD video capture ensures that you get a clear view of your home or business, with minimal distortion or blurring.

■ Motion detection

Blink's feature-rich system includes a motion detector; when armed, any detected motion triggers the recording of a short video clip.

■ Instant alerts 

Quickly receive a push notification or email alert with a link to the video attached, so you can decide how to respond.

■ Live View mode

Easily access on-demand video streaming through the Blink app.

■ Instant On 

With Blink’s Instant On feature, video recording starts within a fraction of a second, so you’ll get a clear look at who or what triggered the alert.

■ Temperature sensor

Easily monitor the temperature in your home, and customize Blink to alert you if it gets too hot or too cold. 

■ Night vision

Blink's LED illuminator, coupled with advanced low-light performance of our proprietary technology, ensures that you'll see what’s happening, day or night.

■ Built-in microphone 

A built-in microphone allows easy audio access, so you can see and hear what’s happening at home.

■ Privacy assurance

A non-hackable, hardware-based LED indicator and optional audio alert let you know when Blink is recording, or in Live View mode, so you'll never be caught off guard. The system also ensures that your video and data is encrypted and secured through SSL communication.

■ Status alerts

Receive notifications when the Wi-Fi connection at home is lost, or when it's time for a battery change.

■ On-board USB storage

The Sync Module will be upgraded (for all backers) to include a USB port that will allow users the option to send video clips directly to on-board storage instead of Blink's servers. All other Blink functionality will be designed to work with this option, provided the USB stick is in place.

■ Auto arm/disarm function

Now, in addition to manually arming and disarming your Blink system, you can arm/disarm the system automatically! Schedule these times in advance, or create location-based rules to define when the system is active.

■ The Blink App

Once Blink's motion detector is triggered, you'll quickly receive an alert and link to an accompanying video clip on your iOS or Android device. The Blink app also allows you to arm/disarm your system, monitor temperature, customize alert settings for each camera unit and will notify you when the WiFi connection is lost or battery life is low.

■ Simple, DIY Set Up

Every Blink system comes with our proprietary Sync Module, which helps facilitate quick, easy set-up and moderates the power used by your Blink camera unit. The Sync Module requires no assembly or configuration; simply plug it in, then follow the prompts of the Blink app to get started.


* To set up your Blink system:

• Plug the Sync Module into any wall outlet

• Launch the Blink app and run the Setup Wizard

• Place your Blink unit(s) wherever you'd like

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