touch screen alarm system supports Tuya app and Alexa echo/show

Smart Touch Screen Security System

Luxury self-contained alarm panel has a 4.3" inch TFT screen supports full touch controlling. Wire-free system works with wireless security sensors. 3G/GSM + Wi-Fi reduntant design provides both reliability and flexibility, Tuya and Alexa echo/show seamlessly home automation integration.

  • All-in-one intrusion alarm kit
  • Do-it-yourself security system
  • Sleek Aesthetic design
  • All-in-one intrusion alarm kit

    All-in-one security system includes everything you need to start protect your property. It includes a PIR motion sensor to monitor your rooms and asiles, a magnetic contact sensor to monitor status of doors of the main entry, two remote controls/keyfobs enable key holders to disarm/arm system remotely, extra two RFID keychains to do the same more conveniently, a loud piezo indoor siren to deter intruders effectively.
  • Do-it-yourself security system

    User-friendly security system offers do-it-yourself installation, no technician is required and users can install the system feasibily, paying no fee for the installation. Adoptation of wireless technology, security sensors are powered by batteries to eliminate the trenching and cable wiring. Truly 2-way wireless communication between sensors and the panel, users can get notified when batteries run out.
  • Sleek Aesthetic design

    Modern sleak aesthetic product design, it feasibily blends into your home/office decoration. Embedded with user-intuitive menu system to offer easy setup while without compromising of multi-functional features.Offering black and white color for selection.

Product Application

Effective intrusion and fire alarm monitoring solution for various places.

  • House

  • Warehouse

  • Shop

  • Garden

  • Hotel


Product Features

Unifore touchscreen alarm kit is the most versatile security system

GSM/GPRS/3G Cellular

GSM/GPRS/3G Cellular

Built-in cellular communicator supports GSM/GPRS/3G network connection, enables system to make auto-dialing phone call, send SMS and data to home owners or alarm receiving center.
2.4G Wi-Fi Connectivity

2.4G Wi-Fi Connectivity

2.4G Wi-Fi connection enables sys to be accessible via smartphone, not only receive push notification, but also knowing real-time status of sys.
RFID Reader

RFID Reader

Built-in RFID reader to support RFID keychains, business owners can swipe registered them to arm/disarm the security system in case you forget taking the remote control or smartphone.
True Deterrance

True Deterrance

Including an indoor siren which can make really high volume and noisy alarming sound upon break-ins occur. This provides a great deterrant, scares intruders away.
5 Users

5 Users

Up to five users can receive alarm notification, it repeatedly dials the these numbers until the call get through, it ensures the home owners, family memebers or relatives will get notified.
Hands-free Phone

Hands-free Phone

It servers as a hands-free cell phone, you're able to make phone call right from the panel, it has microphone and speaker built-in, supports 2-way voice intercom.
voice memos

voice memos

Voice memos function, users can record audio clips and play them on alarm panel. For example parents may leave voice memos when leaving home and kids may play it after they're back from school.
Backup battery

Backup battery

built-in backup battery, the system still works when electricity outage occurs. Additionally, wireless sensors are powered by batteries and users will receive alerts if they run out.

Ultimate Security Protection

Smart burglar alarm system, all controllable in one app wherever, whenever.

Alarm Monitoring Anywhere

Alarm Monitoring Anywhere

Receiving phone call/SMS/push notifications, you're able to control the system right from your smartphone anywhere. Reduntant design provides you highly reliable performance, it still transmits alarm signal out even encouter internet outage.
Alexa Echo Integration

Alexa Echo Integration

Based on Tuya IoT platform, the product supports smart speaker e.g. Amazon echo integration. Talking to your smart speaker, you can control the system, with help of Tuya app, you can even achieve a more complex home automation solution.
Accurate Intrusion Detection

Accurate Intrusion Detection

Unlike security cameras, the system adopts PIR motion sensor to provide accurate intrusion detection. The detector only triggers an alarm when detect the presence of intruders, say goodbye to annloying false alarms and bring you peace in mind.
Great scalability

Great scalability

The system is compatible with diverse security sensors including smoke detector, CO detector, water/flood leakage sensor even wireless doorbells. The supported quantity of sensors can reach 99. You're able to extend the system easily by enroll security sensors into the touch screen alarm panel.
Multilingual UI System

Multilingual UI System

The UI system has embedded with different language, so far it supports up to 10 different language including Chinese, English, Dutch, Russia, Spanish, Polish, Italian, French, Portguese, Greek. If you want to have your own lauguage, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Tuya/Smart Life App

Tuya/Smart Life App

Tuya is world's leading IoT platform developer and provider, nowadays the app supports more than 1000 kinds of smart devices from different OEM manufacturers. Using it, you're able to control smart home appliances, smart lights, electric switches and ZigBee security sensors to achieve a comprehensive home automation system.

Product Specification

  • Model ID: G106
  • Color: black/white
  • Interface: 4.3" inch TFT color screen
  • CPU: 32bit Cortex-M3 core
  • Wireless zone: 99 wireless zones
  • Zone type: internal, perimeter, 24 hours
  • Arm type: instant, delay
  • Remote control: SMS. App, ARC (via GPRS)
  • Users: up to 5 users to receive SMS/Phone Call
  • Alarm receiving center (ARC): GPRS
  • RFID: up to 10 RFID keychains
  • Power socket: up to 8 wireless power sockets
  • Voice memo: up to 20s length
  • Input voltage: DC5V 1000mAH
  • Power consumption: <=1.5Watt
  • Siren output: <=500mA
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
  • Wireless frequency: 433/868/915MHz
  • Wirelsss range: <= 100 meter (open space)
  • GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • 4G LTE: European / North American version
  • Backup battery: 3.7V 1000mAH Lithium-ion
  • Application: indoor only
  • App: Tuya/Smart Life (Android/iOS)
  • Warranty: 12 months manufacturer warranty
  • User manual: G106 Burglar Alarm System

Smart Burglar Alarm FAQ

Does it work without a SIM Card?

It still works without a SIM card, the Wi-Fi or cellular service are not essential to use it. However, without the SIM card, the function like SMS, phone call will not work. If Wi-Fi/internet is available, the system still support remote control and send push notifications to notify users. Lastly, apart from not transmitting alarm, the system works properly even both cellular and Wi-Fi services are unavailable.

Does it work without Wi-Fi/Internet?

Yes, it still works. However, without internet users can't use app to control it, and it's impossible to send push notifications either. Once Wi-Fi is not available, the system will automatically switch to cellular system to get users notified.

Which SIM card does it support?

The alarm system accepts micro size SIM card. It accepts SIM card from your GSM/3G/4G cellular service carriers. Generally 3G/4G SIM card is downwardly compatible with GSM. It's suggested to buy a go-as-you-pay plan to reduce the cellular fee.

Can it connect an outdoor siren?

Yes, the alarm system can work with wireless outdoor strobe siren, please send us an inquiry if you need one. Owing to limitation of hardware (siren output votlage and current is designed for the included indoor siren only), users should not directly wire a hardwired outdoor siren to it, this inevitably will damage the hardware and by doing with will forgo warranty automatically.

Is this alarm vulnerable to hacking?

The system supports remote control via SMS, and password is mandatory for accessing. Ensuring you don't share the password with users. Wi-Fi module is based on global leading IoT platform which means the system is quite secure and is not vulnerable to hacking.

Can I use it to control smart devices?

Tuya/smart life app supports smart sockets/light switches and other smart devices based on Wi-Fi and Zigbee technologies. Albiet, the alarm panel only supports traditional wireless sockets (operating frequency 433/433.92MHz). Users can turn on/off them via touch screen/app, you also can set timers, they can turn on/off automatically according to the schedule.

Can it work with my existing wireless sensors?

Depends on your system, if your system is purchased from Chinese manufacturers, and operating at 433/433.92MHz spectrum, it's highly possible that existing wireless sensors are compatible with this touch screen alarm panel. Users should try this by themselves, there is no sure answer.

Can you provide OEM service for this product?

We do provide OEM service for bulk order buyers. By considering the cost and time, we have a MOQ (Minimum order quantity) requirement for this service. We offer OEM service to clienteles if the order quantity is more than 500 units. OEM services may include printing your logo on products, using your own package box, even develop your customized app.

Where to buy this product?

If you're an end-user and wish to buy our products, please visit our online shop: If you're not, please send us an inquiry or chat with our sales representative to get a quotation.

How long do the batteries last?

The battery inside the alarm panel is rechargeable. Just like your smartphone, it may last 3-4 years. Intending to extend its lifespan, you may unplug the power adapter to let the backup battery work in a frequency like once per several months. The battery inside the wireless security sensors can last 12 months, using high quality and high capacity battery can greatly improve this.

Can I connect a security camera?

Certainly not, it does have a touch screen, but can't be used as a monitor, it can't support security cameras. The Tuya app can support security cameras. Using one app you're able to protect and monitor your house.

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