App control home alarm system

Tuya apartment smart alarm system

Tuya app controlled alarm monitoring system detects intrusion, fire, CO/gas leakage, water/flood leakage, home automation. Hybrid system supports wireless and hardwired security sensors. Cellular and Wi-Fi modem design enable it to make auto-dialing phone call, send SMS, send push notifications.

  • Condominium/apartment alarm monitoring sys
  • self-monitoring security system
  • Hybrid alarm security system
  • Condominium/apartment alarm monitoring sys

    Modern sleek burglar alarm system supports Do-it-yourself and professional installation, including everything you need to protect and monitor your apartment, condominium, villa, house, grocery store. Working with diverse security sensors to provide versatile functionality.
  • self-monitoring security system

    4.3" inch IPS touchscreen design to provide user-friendly experience, embedded with 10 different language, and built-in microphone and speaker supports 2-way voice intercom, hands-free cellphone function. Elegant design and long range wireless distance, you can mount the panel on wall of kitchen or anywhere inside the condominium.
  • Hybrid alarm security system

    Hybrid alarm system includes 99 wireless zones and 4 hardwired zones, working with both wire-free and wired security sensors to provide both DIY and professional installation. Anti-tamper switch design to against potential vandalism, working with separate/independent wireless keypads.

Product Features

Unifore touchscreen alarm kit is the most versatile security system

Intrusion/Fire Alarm Monitoring

Intrusion/Fire Alarm Monitoring

Offering intrusion and fire alarm monitoring by utilizing various security sensors. Accurate interior and perimeter monitoring, painful extreme loud peizo siren to deter intruders, notify you only when actual break-ins happen, no false motion detection alarm comparing to security cameras.
Smartphone alike touch control

Smartphone alike touch control

4.3" inch big IPS touchscreen provides high definition UI and smartphone alike touch controlling. Operating the alarm panel just like using your smartphone, the touch function is sensitive and accurate.
RFID Contactless Control

RFID Contactless Control

The self-contained alarm panel has a RFID reader built-in to support contactless control. Including two RFID keychains, using them users can arm/disarm the alarm system instantly. It brings you convenience for daily operation, especially in case you forget taking your remote control or smartphone.
2-way wireless communication

2-way wireless communication

The wireless sensors and alarm controller support two-way data communication. This ensures that your system can work properly and get you notified when wireless detectors encounter problems such as malfunction, offline, battery runs out. This also can remind users to close windows and doors before activating the intrusion detection system.
Wireless sockets

Wireless sockets

Working with wireless remote sockets, turn on/off wireless sockets by operating on touchscreen or remotely through smartphone app. You also can set a timer for each sockets, therefore turn on/off home appliances according to the schedule.
Hands-free Phone

Hands-free Phone

It servers as a hands-free cell phone, you're able to make phone call right from the panel, it has microphone and speaker built-in, supports 2-way voice intercom.
voice memos

voice memos

Voice memos function, users can record audio clips and play them on alarm panel. For example parents may leave voice memos when leaving home and kids may play it after they're back from school.
Backup battery

Backup battery

built-in backup battery, the system still works when electricity outage occurs. Additionally, wireless sensors are powered by batteries and users will receive alerts if they run out.

Ultimate Security Protection

Smart alarm monitoring system brings you peace in mind.

App alarm self-monitoring

App alarm self-monitoring

Modern alarm security system supports both cellular and Wi-Fi network connection, receiving the alarm alerts wherever you're. Setup and control the system through free App (Android & iOS). Furthermore, the app is an all-in-one solution for home automation. One app to control all smart devices to achieve intrusion prevention, home automation and video surveillance.
All-in-one Intrusion/Fire/CO monitoring

All-in-one Intrusion/Fire/CO monitoring

Supporting more than 100 pieces of security sensors, hybrid design to support wire-free and hardwired security sensors. We offer various security sensors to provide intrusion, fire, gas/CO leakage, water/flood leakage sensor to let you protect your property from all possible hazards.
Interior Motion Detection

Interior Motion Detection

Offering interior motion detection by utilizing a PIR motion sensor, it provides highly accurate detection that ignores motion caused by small pests or other environmental factors. Comparing to security cameras, you will not be pissed off by the annoying false alarms, having a rapport neiborhood.
Perimter alarm monitoring

Perimter alarm monitoring

Wireless magnetic contact sensor to monitor the open/close status of doors/windows. It offers the most reliable perimeter monitoring for your condominium. Additionally, before exit the apartment and arm it, the system will remind you if the door or window is still open. It's a 2-way communication can supervise the communication, it will remind you to change batteries if they're about to drain.
Smart doorbell function

Smart doorbell function

Wireless doorbell function, you're able to enroll a wireless doorbell button to it. When you have a visitor and the button is pressed, the alarm panel will make instant dingdong sound to remind you. Wire-free doorbell solution that eliminates the trenching and wiring. RFID function, alarm panel has built-in RFID reader to sense RFID keychains, users can easily arm/disarm the system more conveniently than using a smartphone or remote control.
Tuya/Alexa echo/Google Assistant

Tuya/Alexa echo/Google Assistant

Tuya/smart life app compliant, seamlessly smart speaker integration (e.g Google Assistant, Alexa echo), speaking to them you're able to protect your apartment more intelligently. Furthermore, the app is an leading IoT platform for smart devices, which means using one app can control the alarm sys, smart home appliances, smart sockets, Zigbee gateway/sensors, security cameras.

Product Specification

  • Model ID: G107
  • Color: black/white
  • Interface: 4.3" inch IPS touchscreen
  • CPU: 32bit Cortex-M3 core
  • Wireless zone: 99 wireless zones
  • Hardwired zone: 4 wired zone
  • Zone type: internal, perimeter, 24 hours
  • Arm type: instant, delay
  • Remote control: SMS. App, ARC (via GPRS)
  • Users: up to 5 users to receive SMS/Phone Call
  • Alarm receiving center (ARC): GPRS
  • RFID: up to 10 RFID keychains
  • Power socket: up to 8 wireless power socket (433MHz)
  • Voice memo: up to 20s length
  • Input voltage: DC5V 1000mAH
  • Power consumption: <=1.5Watt
  • Siren output: <=500mA
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
  • Wireless frequency: 433/868/915MHz
  • Wirelsss range: <= 100 meter (open space)
  • GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • 4G LTE: European / North American version
  • Backup battery: 3.7V 1000mAH Lithium-ion
  • Application: indoor only
  • App: Tuya/Smart Life (Android/iOS)
  • Warranty: 12 months manufacturer warranty
  • User manual: G107 Burglar Alarm System

Smart Burglar Alarm FAQ

1# How to choose security system for condominiums?

As parents, we strive to provide a safe place for our children and family. According to the statistic, installing a set of alarm monitoring system can great enhance the security of the resident. No matter you live in a house or a condominium, it’s highly recommended to have a security system. Comparing to other security systems, burglar alarm system provides many advantages. Here we share some basic knowledge on how to choose security system for condominium.

Security cameras for condominium?

When we initially think about enhancing the security of our dwelling place, we usually think about installing some security cameras albeit we don’t really know exactly why they’re so popular. In conclusion, security cameras provide the possibility that you’re able to monitor your house 24 hourly and miss no activity.

However, security cameras can’t practically enhance the security of your house. On one hand, the security camera system doesn’t provide the same monitoring like a burglar alarm system. When break-ins occur, you will not get notified and you can’t stop it when the criminal activity is happening. Most intruders will wear mask to hide their true identity therefore they’re not afraid of being captured by CCTV cameras. Some security cameras may offer “Smart” detection e.g. motion detection, however most of them are inferior to detect intrusion accurately. Normally, they will generate false alarms and piss users and neighbors off. “90% of motion detection alerts are false alarms, this function is useless, I have to turn it off” quote from one of customer opted for a smart security camera.

Self-monitoring alarm system for apartment?

Unlike security cameras, the burglar alarm system provides versatile functions. Typically a burglar alarm system not only can deter intruders and detect intrusion, but also issuing an alarm when other fatal hazards occur. A typical alarm system comes with a peizo siren to make audible alarm, the warning sound is extreme loud and painful, in most cases can scare intruders away. It prevents burglary, that’s one of pros why burglar alarm system is superior than security cameras.

Furthermore, our burglar alarm system supports both Wi-Fi and cellular network. Once an alarm occurs, owners will receive phone call, SMS and push notifications. This greatly reduce the likelihood that you may not receive alerts because you doesn’t run app on your smartphone, or you mistakenly ignore the alerts. Our system can support five phone numbers which means 5 different people can get alerts. That’s the beauty why you should choose a burglar alarm system adopts redundant design.

Alarm monitoring service from local security company?

Instead of do-it-yourself burglar alarm system, you may opt for signing monitoring contract with the local security company. Most likely you can have the system for free. This sounds incredible. However, you’re obliged to sign a long-term monitoring contract for several years. Paying monthly fee may seem not a lot of money, but if you are paying for several years and you have to forgo because you move to a new place, then that’s a high cost. Additionally, monitored service means you hire the company to handle the emergency, you properly will not get notified for the alarm instantly. You may need to pay high fee if you want to extend the system by adding extra security sensors or accessories.

The above explanation may not so persuasive, but as the professional consultant in security business for ten years, I highly recommend burglar alarm systems. The security cameras can be part of the system, they can't replace the role of alarm monitoring system.

2# How to install alarm monitoring system for apartment?

Knowing your need is very important step before the installation. Typically users should conduct a survey to know the vulnerable entry-points of their apartments and houses. Basically we should monitor the main entry points including front and back door, windows that people can climb. We also need to some important rooms where we leave our valuable items like antiques, cash, jewelries or the safe box.

The starter kit of burglar alarm system usually include two types of security sensors, they are magnetic contact and PIR motion sensor. Magnetic contact or door sensor are widely used to monitor the status of doors and windows, they’re the most reliable security sensors for perimeter protection. PIR motion sensors can be mounted on wall of rooms or corridors, based on passive infrared technology, PIR motion sensor can cover a nearly 110 degree up to 12 meters space. For instance, you want mount them inside living rooms and bedrooms. Ensuring the widest coverage is the advice when you want to find the best spot to install them.

There are two ideal places to install alarm panel, you can either install it in your kitchen or living room. Therefore it’s so convenient to operate the system, and avoid being tampered by intruders. If you seek a complete alarm monitoring and protection for your residence, you can extend the system by adding a smoke detector, or even a CO leakage or flood leakage detector which provides respective monitoring.

3# What's the advantage of hardwired security sensors?

This hybrid alarm system supports wireless and hardwired zones, this feature offers a great flexibility for users who want to use hardwired security sensors. Just similar to Ethernet, hardwired alarm system or hardwired zones do have some advantages over wireless.

The most known advantage of hardwired alarm system is they’re less expensive than their counterpart. For example you can buy 10 pieces of hardwired magnetic contact with the same amount of money to buy a wireless magnetic contact. In addition to lower cost, hardwired detectors can provide high reliability which wireless sensors can’t compete. As we know, once voltage drops because the drainage of battery inside wireless security sensors, the transmission range will become short. Additionally, users may forget to replace the battery inside wireless sensors cause the dysfunction of the entire system. By utilizing hardwired security sensors, you can avoid these problems.

This explains we still insist on using Ethernet although Wi-Fi technology is the trend and dominate the market. As long as it’s convenient to wire cables inside your condominium (for instance under the situation that your apartment is remodeling ), you may use hardwired sensors.

4# How to use it as an elderly medical alert system?

Typically we have one or two elderly family members need to take care of especially when we’re away from home. The system as you can observer has a SOS button on its panel to allow users to summon aid in an emergency. By incorporating with 2-way audio intercom and hands-free cellphone, you can talk with seniors when you’re in office or holiday, after the confirmation, you’re able to give him/her proper care.

Moreover, the system works with wireless panic buttons, which can be wore on neck or hand. If elderly feel uncomfortable, she/he can press the button to summon aid. This function also can be used for duress situation.

5# What’s self-monitored alarm system?

During recent years the home security market is undergoing a massive shift from monitoring service to self-monitored equipment. This is the result of fast development of wireless technology which makes do-it-yourself installation and self-monitoring becomes possible. To security companies, luring customers to sign long term alarm monitoring contract is really a lucrative business. At that time, burglar alarm systems are professional equipment requires trenching and wiring, an ordinary customer can’t do it without any training.

What’s monitored alarm system?

Discussing about the self-monitored alarm, firstly we may need to know the traditional monitored alarm system. Monitored alarm system means the alarm goes to intermediate agent which is usually called central monitoring station or alarm receiving center. The so-called trained staff will handle the alarm and dispatch security guards to check out or even inform respective authority e.g. police, fire department. As the service, customers need to pay the monitoring fee, usually it’s paid yearly or monthly. Why the alarm goes to the agent not the home owners? Obviously these alarm systems do not allow users to program their phone number to receive the notification, or they don’t support it.

What’s self monitored alarm system?

Self-monitored means the home owners or preset users will receive the alarm notifications. The system runs independently, and users no need to pay for the service. For instance, when an alarm occurs, our burglar alarm system will send send push notifications and text message up to five phone numbers, meanwhile make phone call cyclically until it put through. This means you’re able to program the system by yourself and having up to five people to get informed.

What’s the advantage of self-monitored alarm system?

Self-monitored alarm system is the trend, more and more customer loose the faith in monitoring service just considering how much you pay for it and what the service you get. It’s good to leave the most important task iin your hands or your trustworthy relatives. That’s why even local security companies start to sell self-monitored alarm system and monitoring contract is not obliged. Comparing monitored alarm system, self-monitoring alarm has many advantages including:

  • One-time cost, no subscribtion fee
  • Do-it-yourself installation reduces overall cost
  • Handling alarm by trustworthy people
  • Less stressful and paying no fee for false alarm
  • Switch to monitored service in anytime

6# Is it really easy to install DIY alarm system?

Well, the answer varies from different people, many people are good at DIY. It’s a piece of cake to install the wireless alarm system for them and they typically enjoy the process and the result. Most of them are eager to learn new things and even delve into new technology then become an expert. For many elderly people and girls it may turn to be a tough task.

Although, DIY alarm system adopts wireless technology to eschew trenching and wiring, this doesn’t eliminate it totally. Installers have to drill two holes on wall to mount the alarm panel, also need to worry where to plug the power adapter. Wireless magnetic contact and PIR motion sensor can be easily installed by using adhesive 3M tape, they run batteries and no power cable wiring is required. The difficult task is you need to find correct locations to place them within the wireless range. If a few sensors have to be installed are not within wireless range, you can use wireless repeater to extend the scope to solve this problem.

In conclusion, comparing to traditional hardwired alarm system, DIY alarm system is truly easy to install. As long as you have no problem to using an electric driller and have the capability to understand basic electronic concept, you’re able to install it by yourself.

7# How to connect wired alarm sensors?

The hybrid alarm system includes 4 hardwired zones to support all kinds of hardwired alarm sensors. In order to use these zones, it’s mandatory to use EOL resistors, and for this alarm panel, the resistors’ value is 10Kohm. EOLR's should be installed at the last device on the loop, electrically speaking, and not inside the control, unless special conditions are met. You can refer to below diagram to know how to wire the wired alarm sensors to the panel.

EOL resistor wiring diagram

How to connect wired magnetic contact?

Wirng the wired magnetic contact/dw sensor is straightforward because they don’t require separate power supply. The most majority wired magnetic contact switches are close circuit type and we are able to wire them to the circuit in series. The below diagram shows how to wire an ordinary wired magnetic contact switch.

connect/wire wired magnetic contact switches

How to connect wired PIR motion sensor

Unlike wired magnetic contact sensors, wiring wired PIR motion sensor is sophisticated because they need to connect the power supply and usually have anti-tamper switch design which can prevent dismantling deliberately. If you want to know the wiring method, please refer to the diagram of wiring photobeam detector.

How to connect wired photobeam detector?

Photobeam detectors or active infrared beam detectors are well known security equipment for perimeter detection, they’re so pervasive in almost all house and commercial alarm monitoring or even video surveillance applications. Comparing to PIR motion sensor, the photobeam detectors adopts active infrared technology to form invisible fence around the perimeter of property. This triggers an alarm when intruders attempt to sneak in, or climbing the wall or fence.

connect/wire photobeam detector

8# Can you provide OEM service for this product?

We do provide OEM service for bulk order buyers. By considering the cost and time, we have a MOQ (Minimum order quantity) requirement for this service. We offer OEM service to clienteles if the order quantity is more than 500 units. OEM services may include printing your logo on products, using your own package box, even develop your customized app.

9# Where to buy this product?

If you're an end-user and wish to buy our products, please visit our online shop: If you're not, please send us an inquiry or chat with our sales representative to get a quotation.

10# How long do the batteries last?

The battery inside the alarm panel is rechargeable. Just like your smartphone, it may last 3-4 years. Intending to extend its lifespan, you may unplug the power adapter to let the backup battery work in a frequency like once per several months. The battery inside the wireless security sensors can last 12 months, using high quality and high capacity battery can greatly improve this.

11# Can I connect a security camera?

Certainly not, it does have a touch screen, but can't be used as a monitor, it can't support security cameras. The Tuya app can support security cameras. Using one app you're able to protect and monitor your house.

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