Tuya Professional Hardwired Alarm System

Tuya Professional Intruder Alarm System

Tuya app controlled alarm monitoring system detects intrusion, fire, CO/gas leakage, water/flood leakage, home automation. Hybrid system supports wireless and hardwired security sensors. Cellular and Wi-Fi modem design enable it to make auto-dialing phone call, send SMS, send push notifications.

  • Tuya Commercial Alarm System
  • Tuya Commercial Alarm System
  • Tuya Commercial Alarm System
  • Tuya Commercial Alarm System

    Professional metal enclosure alarm controller/system, working for hardwired and wireless security sensors, ideal for commercial intrusion and perimeter alarm monitoring, working with hardwired photoelectric beam sensors and laser beam detectors.
  • Tuya Commercial Alarm System

    Redundant design, 2.4G Wi-Fi plus GSM/4G communicator, control system through smartphone app, sending push notification and SMS when alarm is triggered. 4.3" inch color touchscreen for easy setup and operation.
  • Tuya Commercial Alarm System

    External antenna design to have good sensitivity for signal reception, up to 254 wireless zones and 8 hardwired zones, can upgrade your existing conventional alarm panel easily. You’re able to expand the system by adding a wide range of security sensors such as PIR sensor, reed switches, microwave sensor, vibration sensor, smoke and heat detector, glass break detector …etc.

Product Features

Tuya intruder alarm system is the most versatile security system for commercial applications

Intrusion Fire Monitoring

Intrusion Fire Monitoring

Commercial alarm system adopts fireproof metal enclosure design, extremely durable, suitable for commercial business, protect your business away from intrusion and fire disaster.
2.4G Wi-Fi and Cellular

2.4G Wi-Fi and Cellular

Wi-Fi plus GSM/4G cellular network communication to ensure that business owners will get notified when alarm event occurs. Automatically switch between Wi-Fi and cellular, redundant design offers high reliability.
Hybrid Intrusion Detection Sys

Hybrid Intrusion Detection Sys

Hybrid commercial alarm system that works with both wireless and hardwired security sensors. Wireess zones can work with up to 254 pieces of diversity sensors and hardwired zones for unlimited wired detectors.
Multilingual Touch Screen

Multilingual Touch Screen

4.3" inch sensitive touch screen design, embedded with user-friendly intrusion detection OS, ARM core CPU for high speed and reliable operation, zones are fully programmable, easy to setup for everyone, up to 10 different languages for UI.
Duress SOS Medical Alarm

Duress SOS Medical Alarm

SoS button design to summon aid in an emergency or duress situation, also working with wireless SOS button and medial help button to achieve this application, hand-free phone call function.
2-Way Wireless Communication

2-Way Wireless Communication

The wireless sensors and alarm controller support two-way data communication. This ensures that your system can work properly and get you notified when wireless detectors encounter problems such as malfunction, offline, battery runs out.
High Capacity Backup Battery

High Capacity Backup Battery

Commercial alarm system that uses big capacity backup battery, this ensures your burglar alarm system will never shut down even when encounter power cut/electricity outage.
One App Controls Everything

One App Controls Everything

One app to control everything, activate and deactivate the system remotely through app, receiving instant push notification and system's status from app, you even can integrate it with other powered by Tuya IoT devices.

Ultimate Security Protection

Intruder alarm monitoring system protects your business.

Pro intrusion/Perimeter/Fire Alarm System

Pro intrusion/Perimeter/Fire Alarm System

Professional metal enclosure design alarm system for intrusion perimeter fire alarm monitoring. Durable metal enclosure design, built-in AC/DC adatper, support 12V 7Ah Lead-acid backup battery.
Hybrid Alarm Monitoring System

Hybrid Alarm Monitoring System

Including fully programmable 254 wireless zones and 8 hardwired zones, working with all kinds of wireless security detectors including PIR motion sensor, door/window sensor, vibration sensor, smoke detector, gas leakage detector, flood detector, solar powered photoelectric beams.
Push notification Auto Dialing Call and SMS

Push notification Auto Dialing Call and SMS

Dual alarm transmission path, Wi-Fi + GSM/4G LTE cellular, receiving instant push notification and receiving phone call and text message upon alarm activation. Automatically switch between Wi-Fi and cellular, you will never miss an alarm.
App alarm self-monitoring

App alarm self-monitoring

Modern alarm security system supports both cellular and Wi-Fi network connection, receiving the alarm alerts wherever you're. Setup and control the system through free App (Android & iOS). Furthermore, the app is an all-in-one solution for home automation. One app to control all smart devices to achieve intrusion prevention, home automation and video surveillance.
Tuya/Alexa echo/Google Assistant

Tuya/Alexa echo/Google Assistant

Tuya/smart life app compliant, seamlessly smart speaker integration (e.g Google Assistant, Alexa echo), speaking to them you're able to protect your apartment more intelligently. Furthermore, the app is an leading IoT platform for smart devices, which means using one app can control the alarm sys, smart home appliances, smart sockets, Zigbee gateway/sensors, security cameras.

Product Specification

  • Model ID: G119
  • Color: N/A
  • Interface: 4.3" inch IPS touchscreen
  • CPU: 32bit Cortex-M3 core
  • Wireless zone: 254 wireless zones
  • Hardwired zone: 8 hardwired zone
  • Zone type: internal, perimeter, 24 hours
  • Arm type: instant, delay
  • Remote control: SMS. App, ARC (via GPRS)
  • Users: up to 5 users to receive SMS/Phone Call
  • Alarm receiving center (ARC): GPRS
  • RFID: N/A
  • Power socket: up to 8 wireless power socket (433MHz)
  • Voice memo: up to 20s length
  • Alarm Output: Normal Open, Normal Close 250V AC/30V DC 3A
  • Siren output: DC12V <=500mA
  • Input voltage: AC100-240V
  • Siren output: <=500mA
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
  • Wireless frequency: 433/868/915MHz
  • Wirelsss range: <= 100 meter (open space)
  • GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • 4G LTE: European / North American version
  • Backup battery: 12V 7000mAH (optional)
  • Product dimension: 265mm x 265mm x 79mm
  • Application: indoor only
  • App: Tuya/Smart Life (Android/iOS)
  • Warranty: 12 months manufacturer warranty
  • User manual: N/A

Commericla Alarm System FAQ

1# Wireless or hardwired alarm sytem for business?

G119 alarm system is a hybrid intrusion detection system that supports both wireless and hardwired security detectors. Comparing with wireless detectors, it's difficult to install hardwired detectors since the installation requires cable wiring and trenching. If your shops or building is still under construction or remodeling phrase, it's recommended to use and install hardwired security sensors. For quick and easy installation, users may opt to wireless security detectors.

Pros of using wireless detectors

No trenching, no cable wiring, cost effective, Do-it-yourself installation, portable and immune to power outages

Cons of using wireless detectors

Possible signal interference, wireless range is short, battery maintenance

Pros of using wired detectors

Low cost detectors, no signal interference, no wireless range problem, no battery maintenance, reliable connection

Cons of using wired detectors

Need to hire professional installer, not portable, need to wire cables, must cut into walls

2# How to wire security detectors to the alarm controller?

The hybrid alarm system includes 4 hardwired zones to support all kinds of hardwired alarm sensors. In order to use these zones, it’s mandatory to use EOL resistors, and for this alarm panel, the resistors’ value is 10Kohm. EOLR's should be installed at the last device on the loop, electrically speaking, and not inside the control, unless special conditions are met. You can refer to below diagram to know how to wire the wired alarm sensors to the panel.

EOL resistor wiring diagram

How to connect wired magnetic contact?

Wirng the wired magnetic contact/dw sensor is straightforward because they don’t require separate power supply. The most majority wired magnetic contact switches are close circuit type and we are able to wire them to the circuit in series. The below diagram shows how to wire an ordinary wired magnetic contact switch.

connect/wire wired magnetic contact switches

How to connect wired PIR motion sensor

Unlike wired magnetic contact sensors, wiring wired PIR motion sensor is sophisticated because they need to connect the power supply and usually have anti-tamper switch design which can prevent dismantling deliberately. If you want to know the wiring method, please refer to the diagram of wiring photobeam detector.

How to connect wired photobeam detector?

Photobeam detectors or active infrared beam detectors are well known security equipment for perimeter detection, they’re so pervasive in almost all house and commercial alarm monitoring or even video surveillance applications. Comparing to PIR motion sensor, the photobeam detectors adopts active infrared technology to form invisible fence around the perimeter of property. This triggers an alarm when intruders attempt to sneak in, or climbing the wall or fence.

connect/wire photobeam detector

3# Can this alarm controller work with Photoelectric Beam?

Yes, this alarm controller can work with photoelectric beam detectors, it can work with up to 8 pairs of wired photoelectric beam detectors, can be an ideal alarm controller for the perimeter alarm monitoring system.

4# Video surveillance system or intrusion detection system?

To protect your business, it's recommended to install both video surveillance system and intrusion detection system. The intrusion detection system can provide reliable intrusion detection that not only deter intruders effectively but also notify multiple users in time. The video surveillance system can supports remote view and video recording to let users know what is happening and provide video evidence for after crime investigation.

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