Smart Outdoor Camera Floodlight

Smart Camera PIR Motion Floodlight

Smart PIR motion floodlight can illuminate every angle, built-in a 1080p HD camera can support Wi-FI connection, full color HD video monitoring through smartphone App, offering you the ultimate perimeter protection for your property.

  • 1080p HD Video Live Stream
  • 30 Watt High Power Floodlight
  • PIR Motion Activated Security Lights
  • 1080p HD Video Live Stream

    Integrate a 2-megapixel resolution camera can deliver real-time HD video stream with 1920x1080 resolution. It's able to connect your network by 2.4G Wi-Fi, you can watch HD video through smartphone App and computer freeware, and record video footage to microSD memory card (max. 64G, not included).
  • 30 Watt High Power Floodlight

    Illuminating outside of your house with this dual head LED floodlight with 30-100 meters range and max. 30 Watt. Each head's angle is adjustable to allow you illuminate every corner, no blind spots.
  • PIR Motion Activated Security Lights

    Utilizing a wide angle passive Infrared motion sensor to auto turn on floodlight, can effectively deter burglars and save power consumption, let you have a very smart security system.

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Product Features

Unifore camera floodlight is the best equipment for perimeter security



Floodlight to secure your outside of house, patio, yard, garden. The 30 Watt dual-head LED lamps allows the camera floodlight to illuminate up to 30-50m, enable the camera to capture color video 24 hours a day, and the lighting angle is adustable.
`1080p HD

`1080p HD

By employing 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor, the camera is able to capture high quality video and deliver 1920x1080 real-time video to your smartphone or computers.
2.4G WiFi

2.4G WiFi

Supports 2.4G Wi-Fi network connection make the installation is super easy
32G Recording

32G Recording

Built-in microSD memory card slot to support max. 128GB local video recording, it supports PIR motion activated or 24 hours a day video recording mode, you will never miss a thing when you're away.
PIR Motion Detection

PIR Motion Detection

Supporting PIR motion detection, it ignores falling leaves, small bugs, and other unimportant activity. Only trigger alarm when people and cars come by.
Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts

Send instant mobile notifications when alarm is triggered, can effective protect your home from burglary.
Two-way Talk

Two-way Talk

Built-in speaker and microphone, you can hear and talk with the camera remotely through smartphone App.
Cross Platform

Cross Platform

Easy P2P connection, using free App to set the connection and app is available for both Android and iOS smart devices, having computer software for Windows OS.

Ultimate Security Protection

Security light with connected WiFi camera, all controllable in one app wherever, whenever.

Super-bright 30 watt security light

Super-bright 30 watt security light

LED security light comes with 2 separate 15 watt COB LED energy saving lamp, each delivering a bright 1200 lumens, built-in PIR sensor which detects intruder motion up to 10 - 15 metres away and across a radius of 180 degrees. Lamp direction adjustable to point in any required direction, no blind spots.
1080p HD Video Live Stream

1080p HD Video Live Stream

It has built-in a Wi-Fi camera that can delivers 1920x1080 real-time video, you are able to watch live video through smartphone App and computer freeware. By leveraging mature P2P connection, the setup of camera is super easy.
Real-Time Monitoring for Enhanced Security

Real-Time Monitoring for Enhanced Security

Easy network connection without hassle trough Cloudlinks p2p service, only doing three simple steps you can instantly watch HD live video anywhere, the Yoosee p2p service offers NAT penetration with a success rate over 90%, and high performance for 10-30% faster delivery.

Product Specification

Security floodlight with HD WiFi camera installation
  • Model: SL-M1
  • LED power (total circuit) : 30 Watt
  • Lumen output : 2000
  • LED color temperature: 5000K
  • LED ( expected Lamp life): 50,000 (5 year product)
  • Adjustable head: Yes
  • PIR detection angle: 120°
  • PIR detection range: approximate 15 meters
  • Image sensor: 1/2.7" Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Main processor: GrainMedia SoC
  • Video resolution: 1920x1080 (main stream); 640x480 (sub-stream)
  • ISP: 2D noise reduction, D-WDR, ATW
  • Lens angle: 2.8mm; >= 150°
  • Video compression: H.264/AVC
  • Detection: PIR-based
  • Audio I/O: microphone and speaker
  • Audio codec: G.711 ALAW
  • System security: ID & password
  • Local storage: microSD memory card up to 128G (not included), auto-overwrite
  • PNP: Cloudlinks
  • Network: IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
  • Battery: N/A
  • Recording mode: manual, motion/alarm
  • Max. online users: 5 users
  • Alarm indicator: RED LED
  • Alarm: send push notification
  • Installation: Wall mountable
  • Communication: ONVIF 2.4 (Profile S)
  • APP: free App for Android and iOS smart devices
  • Weatherproof: IP56
  • Power supply: 110VAC - 240VAC

Smart Floodlight Camera FAQ

Can this product support solar panel?

Well, SL-M1 doesn't support solar panel.

Can I replace the LED lamp by myself?

The expected LED lamp life is 5 years, they can not be replaced by users.

Can floodlight camera operate on battery power?

No, due to the power consumption, your floodlight camera should always connect to the hardwired power supply.

Can it connect to AC110V directly?

Yes, it can directly connect to AC110V or AC220V electricity power for straight forward simple installation that doesn't use AC/DC power adapter.

Can I watch video on my computer remotely?

Yes, you are able to watch the HD live video remotely on computer through provided freeware.

Does it support Ethernet connection?

Yes, it not only supports 2.4G WiFi connection, but also has a RJ45 Ethernet port for wired network connection.

What's the App for this product?

The product is based on Cloudlinks P2P service, it uses Yoosee App for video monitoring and recording on smartphone and computer.

Where shoud the lamp not be installed?

  • Near air-conplant
  • Close to the outlet of the central heating system boiler
  • Pointing directly at moving vehicles
  • Where other lamps could shine on the detector
  • Within sight of reflection of moving water

Just why there are not recorded videos on the microSD cards?

The microSD card might have been removed incorrectly and the files may be corrupted, or the microSD card may maintain the incorrect format. Solution: Format the TF card (FAT format for SD and FAT32 format for SDHC).

What's the recommended installation height for my floodlight?

The optimum installation height for Yoosee floodlight is 2-3 metres and we typically recommend 2.5 metres. The key issue with the height relates to the PIR sensor, which detects motion directly in front up to 15 metres away and across a range of 120 degrees. If the light is mounted higher than 3 metres, then there is a risk that the PIR will not identify motion close to the ground.

Why my floodlight camera goes offline?

If your floodlight goes offline when you try to watch HD video through smartphone App, you should check its Wi-Fi connection. Before installing the camera, making sure the place has a strong Wi-Fi signal, and the required upload speed is 1Mbps. Read this article to know how to tackle offline problem. Furthermore, here we list four of the most common possibilities why floodlight camera goes offline:

Your WiFi router constantly changes channels

Some access points or routers is changing channels frequently due to its default settings. This will cause offline issue, since the wireless floodlight camera or security camera requires stable and fixed channel for connection. You may logon your router’s admin webpage to change your Wi-Fi settings and make sure your router chooses one static channel to get this problem resolved.

Floodlight camera is not within the Wi-Fi range or signal is weak/unstable

You need to check the WiFi signal strength before deciding on where to mount the floodlight camera. If your router is too far from your smart floodlight, it’s likely it goes offline because of weak Wi-Fi signal. Please note that it’s better to put the router and floodlight camera in the same level, making sure there is no big or metal barriers in the transmission path. In order to install it in challenging places, you may need to add a Wi-Fi extender/booster near the device. For instance, you can put the extender right nect to your front door, backdoor, garage etc.

The WiFi is running on a non-standard channel

The available channels for 2.4G Wi-Fi are 1-14, and the standard channels are 1, 6 and 11, because they are a group of channels that would not overlap each other and cause interference. If using any channel other than these three will lead to interference from other networks, which in turn will lower Wi-Fi signal strength and speed. To fix this, go to your Wi-Fi/WLAN settings, manually select a Wi-Fi channel such as 1, 6 or 11, making sure you don’t choose “auto”.

You have too many WiFi hotspot on a single Channel

A WiFi access point/hotspot is any device that outputs a Wi-Fi signal. Based on your home network, you might have 1-5 different hotspot to factors outputting different signals, though most people just have one (their router). Having multiple hotspot on a single channel (even whether it's a standard channel), might lead to disturbance and can also lower both bitrate and Wi-Fi signal strength.