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1.0MP 720P eRobot IP Pan/Tilt Camera 2CU Smartphone App

Today, we are going to introduce a new product to you - eRobot (D1201-W/B). eRobot is new designed IP security system, the main component is the compact size design IP pan/tilt camera. This isn't a common IP camera for home or business. Different from other security IP cameras, it can allow user to setup a complete video surveillance system plus intrusion detection system. Most importantly, it supports WiFi connection, and P2P technology for hassle free network connection. This system comes with free cloud APP (2CU) for Android and iPhone smartphones.

eRobot IP pan/tilt camera

1.3MP IP PTZ Camera Review - HIKVISION DS-2DE5120I

Hikvision DS-2DE5120I - is a 1.3MP IP PTZ dome camera which adopts high efficient infrared array LED illuminator to provide long range night vision up to 150 meters distance, meanwhile support Smart IR function for avoiding IR-saturation; Furthermore, this professional HD PTZ camera can be widely used in video surveillance applications that require high definition video monitoring in low light or complete darkness condition, these places including park, forest, railway station, stadium, community...etc.

3 Megapixel IP security camera SNB-7004P Samsung review

After the development of IP digital technology, the Smart function becomes new trend, such as video analysis in intelligent traffic, smart building...etc video surveillance application. The smart IPC gradually dominate the new trend of security camera. Today, we are going to introduce the Samsung SNB-7004P 1/2.8" 3 megapixel WDR IP camera, which adopts Samsung high performance WN3 network chip-set. Let's find more information about this smart IP camera.

Smart IPC is an video surveillance camera integrates many smart features, which enable camera adjust its image processing on the basis of surveillance scene, also through network adaption to achieve best monitoring results; furthermore, there are a variety of built-in video analysis to achieve functions such as perimeter detection, objects missing, facial recognition or cross zone detection. Samsung, with its accumulation in the field of video surveillance for many years, becoming one of the outstanding manufacturers in the field of IPC.

6 Unique advantages for IP surveillance cameras

IP cameras have been one of most significant advancements for video security monitoring in recent history, and what's more, it has completely changed how professionals think of their video surveillance options. From the beginning of their introduction, the need for IP camera technology within the security industry has constantly increased year after year.

IP cameras have many advantages which suitable any small, middle, large security solutions. These advantages including:

960H vs 720P vs 1080P resolution

Analog camera and digital cameras both co-exist in current market. With rapid development of new technologies, both cameras become affordable. 960H, 720P and 1080P are different resolutions for security cameras. Today, we are going to provide some simple information about these different resolutions.

Arecont Vision 180° Panoramic View IP Camera AV20185DN-HB

Arecont Vision AV20185DN-HB is a 20 megapixel day&night 180° panoramic view IP camera. This camera consists of four individual 5.0 megapixel IP camera modules, and utilizing Arecont Vision's unique image sensing technology, combining four images into one panoramic view image through its software algorithm. In real testing, the camera can deliver high quality images with good low illumination performance. Furthermore, it is easy to install and use.

Blink, a wire-free affordable HD home monitoring system

Blink is developed and built by Immedia; the system itself is designed for simplicity. Creating a whole-house monitoring system is as easy as placing the Blink cameras anywhere in the home and downloading the Blink app. These wire-free cameras can be effortlessly placed, moved, or adjusted, making it easy for renters or homeowners to create a system that’s perfect for their lifestyle. With that, you're free to create and expand a system that's perfectly tailored to your home: Blink's battery-powered, wire-free design means it's simple to monitor any part of your home, from entryways and windows to the living room, kitchen, kids' rooms or garage.

Chinese IP camera configuration & firmware

Chinese IP Camera Config & Firmware

Chinese IP cameras occupy the low and middle end market. Today, users can get a good quality megapixel resolution IP cameras with cheap price from many different Chinese manufacturers. Although your manufacturer may provide standard technical support to you, you may want to discover more about your IPC. In this article, we intend to provide you some professional technical support for these IP cameras.

Dahua DH-IPC-HF8281E low illumination IP camera review

DH-IPC-HF8281E is latest IP camera from Dahua. This low illumination for this camera is excellent. It is suitable for indoor day/night surveillance in shopping malls without extra light sources.

Dahua DH-IPC-HF8281E

Difference between IP camera and HD-SDI Camera

IP cameras have been developed for many years, since from combination of analogue signal plus encoder technology to digital signal encoding technology, IP camera already made the jump between standard resolution to high definition phrase. On the other hand HD-SDI (high-definition serial digital interface) as the new products, receiving many expectations from not only security manufacturer, but also security integrator, but the reality turns out it did not meet the high expectation, only few big surveillance project has adopted HD-SDI cameras.

Disassemble Hikvision EZVIZ C1 720P IP Camera

The "panda" design Hikvision EZVIZ C1 is hot selling Home usage IP camera which can provide 720P (1280x960) resolution. Its unique stylish design has won Germany reddot design award. With six special separte lens design, it can capture crystal images during both day/night surveillance. Furthermore, you will be attracted to its amazing network functionality, it has built-in PIR motion sensor for motion detection, and included two high power infrared LEDs for night vision, Micro SD card for local video/image storage, supporting cloud storage for flexible usage. Hikvision offers advanced free applications for both iPhone and Android.

Hikvision EZVIZ C1

Disassemble Hikvision EZVIZ C2 Home IP Camera

EZVIZ is new series IP camera from Hikvision product portfolio. EZVIZ brand is target to meet the increasing demands from residential customers. Until now, Hikvision has already launched two models in this product range including C1 and C2. C2 is the simple version of C1, but it has totally different aesthetic housing design. Similar to C1, EZVIZ C2 utilizes latest video signal processing chip-set from Ambarella. With progressive scan CMOS image sensor, it can deliver 960P resolution, up to 1280x960. This camera's lens contain six pieces optical special glasses to enable the camera to capture high definition images with true color reproduction.

Hikvision EZVIZ C2 IP camera

Disassemble IP PTZ dome camera HIC6621EX22-IRL Uniview

Uniview is another professional IP camera manufacturer from Hangzhou, China. Today, we are going to disassemble HIC6621EX22-IRL, which is a day/night 1080P HD IP PTZ dome camera with laser IR. This camera is designed for remotely HD surveillance, ideal for auto tracking video surveillance applications. Equipped with laser infrared LEDs, night vision reaches hundred meters, it's widely used in city surveillance, transportation, schools and more.

Disassemble YesCam/ProLink PIC1007WP IP Camera

The Prolink PIC1007WP is a really different design IP camera, which has unique astronaut eye-catching looks. This IP camera has another brand name - YesCam (YesCam737), which is a civilian brand name in Chinese domestic market. Prolink PIC1007WP supports motorized Pan/Tilt functions dramatically improves surveillance area, included with progressive scan CMOS image sensor to deliver high definition 1280x720 resolution at 30fps. Different from other home IP camera, it has two dual lens for day and night surveillance. Included WiFi module for wireless network connection, and a passive infrared motion sensor for motion detection. The performance of this camera is overall good, unfortunately, it's too expensive.

Dual Light System IP Security Camera - Sony SNC-VB632D

Back to September 2014, Sony announced the latest IP camera SNC-VB632D which firstly adopted the dual light system. Dual light system includes white light LED and infrared (IR) illuminator, this newly introduced technology enables camera to capture clear images under dark conditions in either B/W or color.

Easy Installation Onvif IP network surveillance H.264

Security industry enters into digital era. As one of pioneer security equipment manufacturer, Unifore is proud to release megapixel IP cameras and network video recorders into its video surveillance products portfolio. These digital equipment can give end-users with ultra high resolution images with superior quality images and offering advanced functions with reliability at an affordable price. Wide range of styles of IP cameras and image resolution, as well as advanced features enable you to choose right system for your particular projects and budget.

eRobot IP Cube Camera with PIR Sensor for Home Security

Nowadays, if you are looking for security system to protect your home or business, there are many choices, including subscribing home monitoring service, or installing a complete wireless alarm system, even a complete video surveillance system. Unfortunately, not all security systems can achieve the function has advertised. Basically, the wireless alarm system relies on passive infrared motion sensor to detect home intrusion, if your home has pets, it means you will be annoyed by its high false alarm rates.

As a pioneer security manufacturer, Unifore offers both security alarm system and video surveillance system to global users, but the security market is changing, we are seeing the increasing demands for video security system. To offer better security solution, Unifore launches its eRobot IP cameras.

Guide for selection IP Cameras, analog or digital?

IP Camera Introduction

Internet Protocol (IP) camera mainly is composed of a lens, an image sensor (typically CMOS image sensor) and an image processor, and a H.264 video compression SoC (System on Chip) and an Ethernet chip that allow camera to connect to network for video broadcasting.

When light passes through the lens to the sensor, the image sensor will convert it to digital signals then processed by a built-in image signal processor (ISP). Instantly, the signal will be compressed with H.264 format by a multimedia SoC to minimize the file size for optimal transmission. Finally, the video images are sent through the network to back-end device for viewing or recording.

IP network camera internal design

HDCVI vs HD-SDI, HDCVI camera vs IP camera

HDCVI is based on coaxial cable to transmit composite video signal brand-new technology, adopting analog signal modulation technology, and progressive scan CMOS image sensor to deliver 1280H (1280x720) and 1920H (1920x1080) high definition video signal. HD-CVI technology can output megapixel resolution, including 1280H@25fps, 1280H@30fps, 1280H@50fps, 1280H@60fps, 1920H@25fps, 1920H@30fps six formats. Adopting the HDCVI technology can achieve uncompressed, lossless, without delay video transmission between HDCVI camera and HDCVI DVR. More over, HDCVI can transmit audio and control signal, up to 500 meters long range transmission distance.

Hikvision DS-2CD4026FWD-A 2MP IP Camera Review

Hikvision DS-2CD4026FWD-A is a 2MP IP camera with advanced low illumination performance, this smart IP camera is suitable for wide range of applications including financial, telecommunications, government facility, schools, airports, factories, hotels and museums, traffic control and other applications which require high definition monitoring in low light environment.

Hikvision DS-2CD4026FWD-A