Disassemble Hikvision EZVIZ C2 Home IP Camera

EZVIZ is new series IP camera from Hikvision product portfolio. EZVIZ brand is target to meet the increasing demands from residential customers. Until now, Hikvision has already launched two models in this product range including C1 and C2. C2 is the simple version of C1, but it has totally different aesthetic housing design. Similar to C1, EZVIZ C2 utilizes latest video signal processing chip-set from Ambarella. With progressive scan CMOS image sensor, it can deliver 960P resolution, up to 1280x960. This camera's lens contain six pieces optical special glasses to enable the camera to capture high definition images with true color reproduction.

Hikvision EZVIZ C2 IP camera

It has built-in sensitive PIR motion sensor for smart motion detection recording and capture. Advanced web server function to allow users watch live video from anywhere. Offering free PC and smartphone applications for remotely monitoring, free cloud service for easy operation. One 3rd generation array LED for night vision, it provides you true day/night surveillance with built-in removable IR-CUT filter.

EZVIZ C2 is good IP camera for residential usage, the size is same like an iPhone. The overall product design is neat and compact. This camera is equipped with 1.3 MP camera and photoeletronic resistor, infrared illuminator for night vision, and PIR motion sensor, supporting WiFi connection.

Hikvision EZVIZ C2 Front-view


There is a micro SD card slot on the side of camera, it supports up to 64G local storage, when network with problem, it can automatically store video footage inside the SD card.

Hikvision EZVIZ C2 Side-view

Side-view, Micro-SD slot

After we opened the camera, we could see a small speaker which is for two-way voice intercom. Taking a look at motherboard, it's pretty professional.

Hikvision EZVIZ C2 Motherboard


Let's take a look at its backside. EZVIZ C2 utilizes Ambarella A5 as its video compression processor, which can support PC and smartphone video recording chipset, it supports H.264 video codec standard.

Hikvision EZVIZ C2 Ambarrella A5

Chip-set on C2

Continue disassemble this camera, we can see the lens is fixed on the motherboard, taking close look at motherboard, you will find it uses SAMSUNG 334 synchronous dynamic storage.

Hikvision EZVIZ C2 Motherboard backview

Motherboard, SAMSUNG 334

IR-CUT filter

Removable IR-CUT filter

Top of the storage memory chip is infrared illuminator, it can allow camera see under complete darkness, and night vision up to 10 meters. PIR motion sensor is located in the central of board.

Hikvision EZVIZ C2 IR illuminator, PIR motion sensor

IR illuminator, PIR motion sensor

Let's keep disassembling this camera, disassemble the lens, we will see another PCB board

Hikvision EZVIZ C2 second PCB board

C2 second PCB board

The back side has a GROUP-TEK 1341 network isolation transformer, we know this module has lightning protection function. Additionally, there is EIMOS 93197A chip inside the metal shield.

Hikvision EZVIZ C2 second PCB board

C2 second PCB board

In a nutshell, EZVIZ C2's internal construct isn't sophisticated. This camera camera is quite suitable for home/office usage, and its performance is excellent. Whether its wide dynamic range feature or day/night surveillance make people think it's value for money, worth to buy it.

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