[Test Video] Hikvision - 6MP panoramic/fisheye IP camera

Product Introduction

Hikvision DS-2CD6362F-I(V)(S) is a 6 megapixel IP camera supports dual panoramic viewing modes, including 360° fish-eye viewing, and 180°horizontal viewing, this camera provides the widest viewing angle, and it also supports four split viewings for convenient video surveillance. Its night vision performance is satisfactory.

1.3MP IP PTZ Camera Review - HIKVISION DS-2DE5120I

Hikvision DS-2DE5120I - is a 1.3MP IP PTZ dome camera which adopts high efficient infrared array LED illuminator to provide long range night vision up to 150 meters distance, meanwhile support Smart IR function for avoiding IR-saturation; Furthermore, this professional HD PTZ camera can be widely used in video surveillance applications that require high definition video monitoring in low light or complete darkness condition, these places including park, forest, railway station, stadium, community...etc.

4K AHD/CVI/TVI cameras are not yet to come

4K Security Cameras

4K IP camera is the hot topic during the recent two years. As the main trend, the global top HD video solution providers such as Ambarella and Hisilicon developed and launched SoC processors which featuring 4K video encoding and decoding capability, at the same time, many leading video surveillance brands launched new high-end IP cameras supporting 4K ultra high definition resolution. Will 4K ultra resolution analog cameras be available in the surveillance market soon? Well, the answer is 4K analog cameras isn't yet to come.

Dahua vs. Hikvision

Dahua & Hikvision Network Camera Reviews by Carl

Recent years, the video surveillance market keeps going through fierce market competition, especially among different low-cost Chinese brands. Because the huge decrease on the price of HD network video surveillance equipment, this makes global buyers better off if comparing with the old analog era. Among these brands, undoubtedly Dahua and Hikvision are the shining stars.

Disassemble Hikvision EZVIZ C1 720P IP Camera

The "panda" design Hikvision EZVIZ C1 is hot selling Home usage IP camera which can provide 720P (1280x960) resolution. Its unique stylish design has won Germany reddot design award. With six special separte lens design, it can capture crystal images during both day/night surveillance. Furthermore, you will be attracted to its amazing network functionality, it has built-in PIR motion sensor for motion detection, and included two high power infrared LEDs for night vision, Micro SD card for local video/image storage, supporting cloud storage for flexible usage. Hikvision offers advanced free applications for both iPhone and Android.

Hikvision EZVIZ C1

Disassemble Hikvision EZVIZ C2 Home IP Camera

EZVIZ is new series IP camera from Hikvision product portfolio. EZVIZ brand is target to meet the increasing demands from residential customers. Until now, Hikvision has already launched two models in this product range including C1 and C2. C2 is the simple version of C1, but it has totally different aesthetic housing design. Similar to C1, EZVIZ C2 utilizes latest video signal processing chip-set from Ambarella. With progressive scan CMOS image sensor, it can deliver 960P resolution, up to 1280x960. This camera's lens contain six pieces optical special glasses to enable the camera to capture high definition images with true color reproduction.

Hikvision EZVIZ C2 IP camera

Hikvision 12 megapixel panoramic view IP camera DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S)

The newly released panoramic view IP camera inherited its predecessor's design - DS-2CD6362F-I(V)(S). Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) has the UFO shape design enables camera to be easily mounted on ceiling. This milk white security camera has three infrared illuminators are embedded around the camera's corners and a fisheye lens is located in the center. It's a compact IP camera supports IP66 waterproof and 1K10 vandal-proof.

Hikvision DS-2CD4026FWD-A 2MP IP Camera Review

Hikvision DS-2CD4026FWD-A is a 2MP IP camera with advanced low illumination performance, this smart IP camera is suitable for wide range of applications including financial, telecommunications, government facility, schools, airports, factories, hotels and museums, traffic control and other applications which require high definition monitoring in low light environment.

Hikvision DS-2CD4026FWD-A

Hikvision DS-2CD4065F-A 6MP IP camera review

With purpose of dominating high end video surveillance market. Hikvision launched new Smart IPC series into its IP cameras portforlio. Today, we are going to test the DS-2CD4065F-(A) IP camera from Hikvision. This new model with dimension design of (L)137mmx(W)69.8x(H) 58mm, weight 830g. This mini square sharp with white painted aluminum housing, very neat design. This camera is equipped with HV1140D-8MPIR 8 megapixel HD lens to encure the its high quality image resolution.

Hikvision DS-2CD4065F-A 6MP IP camera

Hikvision DS-2CD6362F-I Panoramic/Fisheye IP Camera Tested

Fish-eye technology is also called panoramic view can allow user monitor whole area with only single camera. Today we are going to introduce the latest panorama IP camera from Hikvision, model DS-2CD6362F-I. This camera can support two different view modes, including 360 degree and 180 degree. The monitoring scene can be split-ed into four difference views, convenient for detail monitoring, the night vision performance of this camera is quite impressive.

Hikvision DS-2CD6362F-I Panoramic Camera

Hikvision DS-2DF7286 2 megapixel IP PTZ dome camera test

Hikvision DS-2DF7286 HD IP PTZ dome camera adopts 1/2.8" progressive scan CMOS image sensor, offering high definition resolution, supports triple streaming technology, it supports flexible H.264/MJPEG/MPEG4 video codec, support multiple video quality configuration, in H.264 codec mode, it can deliver 1080P, 960P, 720P and so on high definition surveillance video.

Hikvision DS-2DF7286  30X IP PTZ camera

Hikvision DS-2DF8223I 2MP IP PTZ camera review

Today we share the review of Hikvision DS-2DF8223I, which is latest design 2 megapixel IP Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera with built-in IR-CUT filter. Different from traditional models, it has adopted the most advanced CMOS image sensor for offering low illumination feature. When the camera switch to night mode, the image is very clear without IR-saturation. By the way, the camera rotates not only smoothly, but also accurately, users will be attracted to its superior high quality images. Same to other IP cameras, this camera's overall performance is excellent.

Hikvision DS-2DF8223I

Hikvision IP PTZ Camera Review DS-2DF8223I-A(AEL)

Long range IR, powerful 23x optical zoom, plus true WDR feature - today we are going to introduce you the DS-2DF8223I-A(AEL) IP PTZ camera from Hikvision's Darkfighter product portfolio. This PTZ cam is ideal security camera for outdoor video surveillance, it adopts robust and nice appearance design. “The Darkfighter PTZ has the full range of smart features – the IVA, intrusion detection, face recognition and smart tracking,” Lagan says. “There’s also line crossing detection and audio exception, as well as an IR distance of up to 200 metres, defog ability and electronic image stabilization. It’s a very heavily featured product." - Tony Lagan, Hikvision Australia

Hikvision IP video door phone system solution

Solution highlights

  • Complete network design, integrated with Hikvision's mature video/audio processing technology
  • Simple cable layout: adopts Cat5 cable, PoE network switch to provide power supply to devices
  • Dual network design: support TCP/IP wired network and WiFi wireless network connection
  • Indoor monitor can connect front-end devices through SUB 1G wireless connection
  • Simple, elegant user interface (UI)
  • Integration design of video intercom and video surveillance
  • Provides extended functionality, support for smart home systems integration;
  • Support VoIP function, no conflict between phone function and video intercom
  • Support Hikvision cloud service

Based on video surveillance system, with mission to offer a complete security solution to residential and business applications. After launched access control system, Hikvision steps into video door phone system market. Different from traditional video intercom manufacturers, Hikvision ranks as number 1 in China, 3rd largest security manufacturer in the world, has deep knowledge in the field of video surveillance, so that many other competitors can't compete.

How to access the Hikvision cameras with Firefox browser?

Outdoor IP PoE Bullet Cameras 2.8-12mm Lens

We recommend users to access IP cameras/NVRs/NVRs with IE browsers. After the installation of ActiveX plugin, users can watch live video and config the settings with IE browser. However, Windows 10 and Apple computers (Mac OS) can not support the IE, in this case, users can install the VMS software which has been provided by the suppliers. The attached free VMS software can not only enable users to watch multiple video feeds, but also config the device’s settings remotely.

Introduce Hikvision Alarm System DS-19A08-F

Believe it or not, Hikvision also produces alarm system. Dated back to 2012, the company launched DS-19A08-F/KxG into market. Hikvision DS-19A08-F/KxG is hardwired alarm system for commercial alarm applications. The alarm system comes with a compact keypad with LCD display, it has advanced functions and support both GSM/GPRS and TCP/IP networks for alarm transmission.

Hikvision alarm system

Irresistible benefits of panoramic security cameras

Megapixel Panoramic Network Camera

A panoramic camera offers some unique benefits that conventional security cameras can't compare. A panoramic camera can provide 360°and 180° viewing angle when it adopts ceiling and wall mount installing methods. For example, when installing a panoramic security camera on the ceiling of meeting room, the panoramic camera can see the whole meeting room without blind spots.

Panoramic network camera: video surveillance 360º

Megapixel Panoramic Network Camera

Panoramic security camera is a new type of video surveillance camera that attracts consumer interest. Compared with conventional security cameras, a panoramic camera perhaps is the most best choice when a 360º monitoring is required. In such kind of monitoring place, instead of installing several security cameras, you only need to use one set of panoramic camera to have the entire area covered, which helps the user reduce the budget, installation and maintenance burden.

Smart IPC Hikvision 2MP IP PTZ camera - DS-2DF7230IX-X

Hikvision DS-2DF7230IX-X is 2 megapixel resolution network pan/tilt/zoom dome camera adopts durable aluminum housing with IP66 grade weatherproof design, waterproof, dust-proof, and withstand high temperature, DS-2DF7230IX-X is suitable for large area high definition video surveillance applications; utilizing high performance progressive scan CMOS image sensor, delivers high definition images with maximum resolution reaches up to 1080P; precise motor driven, sensitive reaction, stable rotation; supports manual tracking, auto tracking, entry zone detection, cross zone detection four different smart tracking functions, also embedded with different scene detection, and included features like facial detection, motion detection, audio detection, mask detection. Equipped with laser infrared LED to provide long range illumination at night without IR-saturation effect, it's one of significant features for this camera.

Top 10 Best Home Security IP Camera

Bring the users peace of mind, home security camera is the ideal security device not only for premises protection but, mostly, for watching over pets and family members. IP camera becomes the prevalent solution among today's home surveillance applications. Compared with traditional analog CCTV system and the current analog HD surveillance system, the IP camera supports remote monitoring through smart phone devices, as well as hassle-free installation with P2P or Cloud storage.