2MP IP PTZ Camera DS-2DF7230IX-X

Smart IPC Hikvision 2MP IP PTZ camera - DS-2DF7230IX-X

Hikvision DS-2DF7230IX-X is 2 megapixel resolution network pan/tilt/zoom dome camera adopts durable aluminum housing with IP66 grade weatherproof design, waterproof, dust-proof, and withstand high temperature, DS-2DF7230IX-X is suitable for large area high definition video surveillance applications; utilizing high performance progressive scan CMOS image sensor, delivers high definition images with maximum resolution reaches up to 1080P; precise motor driven, sensitive reaction, stable rotation; supports manual tracking, auto tracking, entry zone detection, cross zone detection four different smart tracking functions, also embedded with different scene detection, and included features like facial detection, motion detection, audio detection, mask detection. Equipped with laser infrared LED to provide long range illumination at night without IR-saturation effect, it's one of significant features for this camera.

Aesthetic design with laser illuminator

Today, we are going to test 2MP IP PTZ dome camera from Hikvision, model: DS-2DF7230IX-X. This is laser infrared PTZ dome camera which retains the consistent design of Hikvision, this camera adopts heavy-duty aluminum housing with black dome camera module. This is the first IP PTZ camera with laser illuminator design from Hikvision. During the whole test, we make the camera target to 500 meters away building, the illumination fill evenly. Furthermore, this camera adopts 1/2.8" progressive scan CMOS image sensor, and zoom lens 4.3-129mm, supporting 30x optical zoom. It has rich interfaces, including Audio I/O, Alarm I/O, and RS485 control, Ethernet port, BNC video output, power connector. This camera fits wide applications such as railway, airport, seaport, plazas, parks, railway stations, large venues, the cell periphery and other places.

Night vision performance DS-2DF7230IX-X

Low video latency, HD without distortion

We set its video streaming parameters to 1080P@30fps, and 4Mbps bit-rate. Making the camera target to resolution test card, we can measure its horizontal resolution is 1050TVL, and vertical resolution is 1000TVL, edge resolution reaches up to 900TVL, clarity is amazing, shooting outside scene, the camera delivers high quality images..

Resolution Testing for DS-2DF7230IX-X

Then using the 24** color reproduction test card, all the basic color have accurate color reproduction, no color cast.

True Color Reproduction DS-2DF7230IX-X

let's measure its video latency time, making the camera target to stopwatch, through screenshots to get its video latency time is 185ms, the camera's performance is amazing.

Under the default preset parameter, making camera target to outside road, facing the running vehicles with speed of 60-80 Km/h, no frame loss and jitter...etc, the outdoor color scene is quite natural, no color cast. Running the bit-rate software to measure its bit-rate, the dome camera can stabilize its bit-rate close to 4.3Mbps.

Fast optical zoom, accurate rotation

This dome camera has advanced pan/tilt function, supporting continuous horizontal 360 degree rotation, and vertical -10°-90°, can monitor whole area without surveillance blind spots. Moreover, supports 256 presets, 8 cruise scan, and 4 pattern scan. DS-2DF7230IX-X speed dome camera supports maximum 30x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom. In this test, we make the camera target to outside billboard, manually zoom in from 0 to 30, there is no blur focus, continuous AF and other undesirable situations. When reach to maximum zoom, the words on billboard are very clear, trees and other details maintain fairly good.

Laser illumination, no saturation

Color images without noise
B/W images without noise

We put the camera into dark box to simulate the night environment, then gradually reduce the illumination, when lux decreased to 10.44Lux, white balance is accurate, doll and characters are clear in the scene, image is fine, without image noise; keep reducing the Lux to 3Lux, there is a slight noise, but the overall image is still excellent; when Lux reaches to 1Lux, the noises become obvious, but the details maintain clear. When Lux reaches to 0.91Lux, speed dome camera switches to mono mode (B/W), image is clear without noise, turn on laser infrared, without focus blur, and IR-saturation.

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