Hikvision DS-2DF8223I 2MP IP PTZ camera review

Today we share the review of Hikvision DS-2DF8223I, which is latest design 2 megapixel IP Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera with built-in IR-CUT filter. Different from traditional models, it has adopted the most advanced CMOS image sensor for offering low illumination feature. When the camera switch to night mode, the image is very clear without IR-saturation. By the way, the camera rotates not only smoothly, but also accurately, users will be attracted to its superior high quality images. Same to other IP cameras, this camera's overall performance is excellent.

Hikvision DS-2DF8223I

Today we are testing the PTZ camera which is from Hikvision, model: DS-2DF8223I low illumination IP PTZ camera. In order to test its day/night function, we put this camera to simulated low illumination environment and using the illumino-meter for accurate data. Along with reducing the brightness of light, observing the images of camera, when the illumination reach to 4Lux, the image is clean without noticeable noise; reduced illumination to 3Lux, there are slight noises in the image; continuing adjust the illumination to 1.28Lux, the noise is obvious, but overall image is still excellent, now turn on the Noise Reduction mode, all noises disappeared instantly, image is smooth and clean. When illumination reach to 0.5LUx, the camera automatically switch to B/W (night) mode, this time camera doesn't have any losing focus, IR over-exposure effect; Finally reduced to 0.01Lux, image keeps its clarity, and the picture noise is minimal and clean.

DS-2DF8223I Color at 1.38Lux

Color (day) mode, illumination: 1.38Lux

DS-2DF8223I Color at 0.62Lux

B/W (night) mode, illumination: 0.62Lux

DS-2DF8223I Color at 0.01Lux

B/W (night) mode, illumination: 0.01Lux

Crisp and clear images without distortion

Restrictions: 1080P @ 30fps, 4Mbps

Test 1 - Definition: Point the camera toward the 2000TVL test card-board, at minimum zoom to check the captured images, horizontal and vertical resolution can reach 1100TVL, edge resolution is 850TVL. In a nutshell, it can provide excellent images.

DS-2DF8223I Resolution test

Resolution (loss image quality after compression)

Test 2 - Color reproduction, grayscale: Replace the resolution test card-board with 24 color reproduction test card. Through checking, besides green color slightly subdued, other color reproduction is basically accurate, and grayscale recognition can reach up to 16 level. By the way, the color without distortion under minimum zoom.

DS-2DF8223I color reproduction test

Color reproduction

Test 2 - Video latency: Sync the time between camera and stopwatch, through synchronous screen shots, we can measure the average delay time is about 200ms, the video delay is pretty good.

Test 3 - Network Control: Under default parameters, put the camera target to the outdoor road (Vehicle speed at 60-80km/h), run the stream test software, the average stream bit is around 4.3Mbps.

DS-2DF8223I network control test

Stream bit control

Test 5 - Defog: Put the camera target at outdoor buildings, when defog function is disabled, the images show a mist shrouded, but after enable defog function, the fog disappear and buildings outline is clean.

Test 6 - WDR: Put the camera target at strong light, which before the tester, disable the WDR, the face of tester become half normal and half dark. After enable the WDR, the image improves significantly, the dark portion becomes bright, and over-exposure portion becomes normal.

Advanced Pan/Tilt/Zoom features

For testing its PTZ function, we will config four preset with different zoom and position, then set them to random patrol mode. After one hour PTZ patrol, PTZ rotation is accurate and no blur focus, jitter. By the way, this camera can support 23x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom, make the camera target on outdoor billboards (about 1-2km from camera), after 23 times optical zoom operation, you can clearly see the characters on the billboard, then continue to use 16x digital zoom to enlarge images, you can see the very details of billboard.

DS-2DF8223I 23 x optical zoom, 2x digital zoom

23 x optical zoom, 2x digital zoom

DS-2DF8223I Initial preset

Initial preset

DS-2DF8223I The preset cruising

The preset cruising

Furthermore, this PTZ camera with smart automatic tracking function, during test process, we lock the sidewalk and set the region to track the motion, when passers-by enter into detection zone, the camera will track the person.

Outdoor heavy-duty design

This PTZ camera inherited the Hikvision consistent design style, the camera adopts metal aluminum housing, with IP67 waterproof rated design for both indoor/outdoor installation. Since it has 7CH alarm input and 2 alarm output, 1CH audio I/O, this camera is ideal for integration solution.

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