IP PTZ Camera

1.3MP IP PTZ Camera Review - HIKVISION DS-2DE5120I

Hikvision DS-2DE5120I - is a 1.3MP IP PTZ dome camera which adopts high efficient infrared array LED illuminator to provide long range night vision up to 150 meters distance, meanwhile support Smart IR function for avoiding IR-saturation; Furthermore, this professional HD PTZ camera can be widely used in video surveillance applications that require high definition video monitoring in low light or complete darkness condition, these places including park, forest, railway station, stadium, community...etc.

1080P IP PTZ Dome Camera with IR for Outdoor

EP2845 20x optical IP network camera can deliver smooth video streaming with excellent HD resolution, offering precise pan/tilt rotation, and its surveillance performance is impressive. The overall design adopts heavy-duty metal durable design, IP66 rated weatherproof, widely used in many video surveillance applications. It provides diversity functions to meet the needs from different video monitoring solutions.

Dahua Outdoor IP PTZ 30x dome camera DH-SD6A82C-HN review

Today we are gonna test the DH-SD6A82C-HN IP pan/tilt/zoom dome camera from Dahua. DH-SD6A8C2-HN adopts heavy-duty aluminum housing design with white color paint, reasonable structure, Dahua's logo presents in the middle of dome housing, several high power infrared LEDs are located besides of lens, the new LED can provide up to 200 meters illumination range. IP66 rated weatherproof design and its excellent day/night surveillance performance, this model can be widely used in a wide range of video surveillance applications which require high definition monitoring under no light or low light conditions, these applications can be road traffic, railways, airports, shipping ports and public squares, parks, scenic areas, streets and parking lot, as well as large venues...and more.

Hikvision DS-2DF7286 2 megapixel IP PTZ dome camera test

Hikvision DS-2DF7286 HD IP PTZ dome camera adopts 1/2.8" progressive scan CMOS image sensor, offering high definition resolution, supports triple streaming technology, it supports flexible H.264/MJPEG/MPEG4 video codec, support multiple video quality configuration, in H.264 codec mode, it can deliver 1080P, 960P, 720P and so on high definition surveillance video.

Hikvision DS-2DF7286  30X IP PTZ camera

Hikvision DS-2DF8223I 2MP IP PTZ camera review

Today we share the review of Hikvision DS-2DF8223I, which is latest design 2 megapixel IP Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera with built-in IR-CUT filter. Different from traditional models, it has adopted the most advanced CMOS image sensor for offering low illumination feature. When the camera switch to night mode, the image is very clear without IR-saturation. By the way, the camera rotates not only smoothly, but also accurately, users will be attracted to its superior high quality images. Same to other IP cameras, this camera's overall performance is excellent.

Hikvision DS-2DF8223I

Infinova V1772N-20T-AT 2MP IP PTZ Camera Reveiw

Today, we are going to test the Infinova V1772N-20T-AT HD IP network camera with smart tracking function. It adopts 1/2.8" CMOS progressive scan CMOS image sensor, supporting H.264 High profile/M-JPEG codec to support maximum 1080P real time high definition video, excellent performance for monitoring. This camera supports 24 hours day/night surveillance, it can capture clean images even under low illumination condition, cooperation with its flexible PTZ control, as well as its smart tracking function, this PTZ camera can be used in many monitoring applications, especially for large surveillance area.

Quick look at IP PTZ dome camera 20x zoom 1080P Sony FCB-EH6300

1080P IP PTZ Dome Camera

IP camera continues to make aggressive growth in video surveillance industry. For offering complete high definition video security solution to our clients. Unifore is pleased to release its latest 1080P IP PT/z camera which can deliver maximum 3 megapixel 1080P HD resolution, the model: EP2845.

Unifore EP2845 1080P 2MP IP PTZ camera review

Unifore EP2845 IR IP PTZ dome camera can provide crisp high definition and smooth video streaming, it has advanced PTZ rotation for accurate patrol, fast focus speed to provide detailed images, equipped with alarm input and output, as well as audio I/O for offering integration solution.

Unifore EP2845 IP PTZ camera

What's IP PTZ dome camera?

PTZ is the abbreviations of Pan Tilt Zoom, PTZ cameras are also known as speed dome cameras. These cameras have mechanical rotation structure design for manual/automatic 360°horizontally rotation and vertically 90°rotation, which is usually combined with motorized zoom lens. A block camera is the core component for PTZ camera, which is located inside a hemispherical-shaped (dome) housing which has weatherproof and vandal-resistant design. The control is usually achieved by two wires (RS485) and communication through Pelco-D protocol which is widely used protocol for PTZ control. For IP based speed dome cameras, controlling is over the network using client software or via web interface of the camera.