What's IP PTZ dome camera?

PTZ is the abbreviations of Pan Tilt Zoom, PTZ cameras are also known as speed dome cameras. These cameras have mechanical rotation structure design for manual/automatic 360°horizontally rotation and vertically 90°rotation, which is usually combined with motorized zoom lens. A block camera is the core component for PTZ camera, which is located inside a hemispherical-shaped (dome) housing which has weatherproof and vandal-resistant design. The control is usually achieved by two wires (RS485) and communication through Pelco-D protocol which is widely used protocol for PTZ control. For IP based speed dome cameras, controlling is over the network using client software or via web interface of the camera.

In some cases, the places don't permit to install many surveillance cameras, or installing many surveillance cameras is impossible. Taking parking lot as an example, it's better to use only single controllable Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera to monitor the whole area. The advantage is so obvious; users can track the suspicious targets through using a keyboard controlling, operating the joystick for enlarging the details to zoom in until you can recognize the desired details, and control the camera pan or tilt to desired position.

PTZ camera inside/structure

Unfortunately, this only works automatically in rare cases. Typically, the control functions must be performed manually by the operating users. Almost PTZ dome supports "Preset" function, the preset functions allow user to set several or many key positions to monitor. The camera can automatically patrol from one key position to next position, therefore allowing you to monitor large area without blind spots. 

Typically, an Internet Protocol (IP) based PTZ camera has built-in a high definition block camera which adopts progressive scan CMOS image sensor to deliver megapixel resolution from 1.3MP - 5MP. Zoom capability is very important when facial recognition and car plate license recognition are required, with PTZ camera installed, Users can not only benefit from its powerful optical zoom, but also its digital zoom. 

IP PTZ dome camera is suitable to monitor large areas, such as parking lots, stadiums, shopping mall or large commercial building, and road traffic surveillance.

IP PTZ Camera Interfaces

Different from analog PTZ cameras only have power input, BNC video output, RS485 interfaces, IP based PTZ cameras have many other interfaces such as audio input/output, alarm input and output, USB 2.0...etc. Audio I/O can allow user to not only monitor video, but also monitor the audio, and possibly achieving two-way voice communication. Alarm I/O can enable IP camera connects to hardwired sensors such as PIR motion sensor, reed switches, or even access control system. When any of these sensors is triggered, the PTZ camera will rotate to pre-configured position and adjust the zoom which can help user to lock the suspects. When combined snapshot function, the PTZ camera can capture several images, then send them to user's Email for notification. Some advanced IP PTZ dome cameras support smart video analysis, which enable user to achieve smart monitoring, some features including facial detection and tracking, cross zone detection...etc.

Reference: http://www.hkvstar.com/technology-news/how-to-install-and-connect-ptz-camera.html

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