PTZ Camera

The advantages of PTZ cameras for cctv system

PTZ dome camera play vital roles in middle and big scale video surveillance systems. Compared to other types of cctv camera, PTZ dome cameras provide a wide range of benefits, and widely deployed in various security applications.  Herein we provide some obvious advantages of PTZ dome camera in this article.

What's IP PTZ dome camera?

PTZ is the abbreviations of Pan Tilt Zoom, PTZ cameras are also known as speed dome cameras. These cameras have mechanical rotation structure design for manual/automatic 360°horizontally rotation and vertically 90°rotation, which is usually combined with motorized zoom lens. A block camera is the core component for PTZ camera, which is located inside a hemispherical-shaped (dome) housing which has weatherproof and vandal-resistant design. The control is usually achieved by two wires (RS485) and communication through Pelco-D protocol which is widely used protocol for PTZ control. For IP based speed dome cameras, controlling is over the network using client software or via web interface of the camera.

What's speed dome camera ?

What's speed dome camera?

Speed dome cameras also called PTZ dome cameras are widely used in middle and big scale surveillance areas, it can monitor the whole area with just one speed dome camera and without any blind spot. This kind of security cameras always come with vandal-proof housing for protection itself from smash and hit. The zoom module is the crucial component for speed dome cameras.  The inside zoom module can pan rotation from 0 degree to 360 degree, and auto flip tilt rotation from 0 degree to 180 degree. Majority of these camera can setup patrol route and cruise points.