The advantages of PTZ cameras for cctv system

PTZ dome camera play vital roles in middle and big scale video surveillance systems. Compared to other types of cctv camera, PTZ dome cameras provide a wide range of benefits, and widely deployed in various security applications.  Herein we provide some obvious advantages of PTZ dome camera in this article.

Pan rotation & tilt rotation at high speed

PTZ function is obvious advantages of PTZ cameras. PTZ means pan/tilt/zoom, with pan function, the camera can make rotation horizontally via manually or automatically control at high speed, that's the reason PTZ cameras are always referred to as "Speed dome".  Automatically flip tilt rotation at 180 degrees, can make security camera monitoring scene without limitation in vertical . High speed panning and tilting features not only enable the camera can view large area with single camera, and surveillance areas can cover every direction and without any surveillance blind spot, but also reduce the number cameras in given areas.

Smart patrol & tracking features

The PTZ camera allow user to set up to hundred accurate presets for key monitoring areas, and arrange these presets in specific order and interval of time.  With this function, PTZ camera can scan specific areas automatically, even tracking the suspicious individual or vehicle when coupled with video analytics. When working with standalone DVR and triggering alarm, the PTZ camera can automatically scan the location of the incident.

Powerful zoom & auto focus function

Typically, PTZ dome cameras are bigger than traditional cameras, PTZ cameras can be equipped with big and power zoom lens. These enable PTZ camera can zoom in and see more details of object. The automatically focus in function can make user to automatically focus in surveillance objects to get the clear and detail images, while simultaneously Pan/tilt at high speed.

Now PTZ camera with 10x/22x/27x/30X/36X optical zoom & digital zoom camera modules, optical zoom means enlarging images via optical mechanism structure, and digital zoom means adopting digital signal processing to enlarge the images.

Vandal-proof dome & aesthetic design

Majority of PTZ camera are with dome shape design, also referred to as "PTZ dome camera". These cameras come with vandal-resistant plastic dome and can resist the smash, break, shatter. Since the camera likely mounted on high above the ground to ensure get the best view, PTZ cameras are not reachable by people, and effectively resistant to tampering. The camera module is inside the dome camera and hardly to know where the camera target to. With nice compact design, the dome camera can blend into interior house decoration.

Long-term reliable performance

Since security systems are continouse working at 7 days 24 hours, long term reliable performance is one of important requirements for security cameras. PTZ camera adopts reliable stepping motor design and built-in temperature smart control to ensure stable operation. Majority of PTZ cameras feature heavy-duty metal housing design, it also helps camera to cool itself.

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