How to upgrade cctv system to IP camera system?

Obivously, the IP surveillance technology has improved drastically over the last decades. Nowadays more and more people choose the IP surveillance cameras to secure their premises. The traditional analogue cctv system is still the wide installed surveillance systems from many applications. Do you really need to upgrade your good analogue cctv system to IP camera, you may need to consider many aspects.

How to choose between analogue and IP camera?

IP cameras are advanced IP devices which can capture megapixel resolution with latest progressive scan technology, the IP cameras can offer higher resolution and overall image quality, as well as advanced event management and storage options, with its built-in web server, it can support remotely access and viewing. Different from analogue cctv cameras, the IP camera doesn't require the video recorder for video storage purpose. The IP camera can deliver H.264 compressed video footage, and user can use the video management software to view, record, manage multiply IP cameras. Additionally, some IP cameras can support power over Ethernet technology which can minimize the wires of installation to simplify installation process as well as reduce the whole cost. The PoE technology can allow camera to be powered from a single Ethernet cable.

Definitely, if you want to setup a complete new surveillance system, the IP camera system is the best choice whatever it's for residential or commercial business.

1.3 megapixel IP camera720P high definition IP camera with 1/3 inch progressive scan CMOS sensor, TI davinci solution with H.264 and MJPEG dual codec and streaming technology, with 36 pcs Infrared LEDs, night vision distance up to 100ft.
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IP box security cameraC/CS mount box standard IP camera, delivering 3 megapixel resolution, supporting alarm inputs, motion detection, privacy mask, and WiFi wireless connection, as well as local SD card slot for local video storage, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.
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Drawbacks for IP camera

Apparently, the IP cameras with its drawbacks, especially in network transmission aspect. Generally the IP cameras are far much more expensive than traditional analogue cctv cameras. Also, the IP cameras rely on Ethernet network for video transmission, it requires the building already has setup with Ethernet network.

By the way, the increased megapixel resolution comes increased storage requirements, which require user to use large capacity storage size which can add even more to the cost. Network bandwidth is another potential cons.

A typical 2 megapixel camera will occupy around 4Mbps network bandwidth. It's sure this will not cause problem for local video transmission of small IP surveillance system, but for remotely accessing and middle or large surveillance applications, you need to upgrade your existing network, even with fiber connection.

Upgrading your existing analogue system

Today's analogue cctv systems are less expensive and easy to install with many options. The system can offer full features which can meet needs for home and small business owners which don't request the high definition video surveillance.

Replacing the old front-end cameras and DVRs is the best solution to upgrade your existing analogue system. For example, you can upgrade your old system with new 960H cctv equipment which can increase 30% resolution than basic D1 system. This kind of upgrade is very easy to achieve, hence you still can use the existing cable layout which can effective reduce the whole installation process.

Of course, you still can achieve the high definition solution through using the latest HD-SDI technology. The New HD-SDI technology can allow user to upgrade the existing analogue system to advanced megapixel resolution systems. The HD-SDI system can use your existing coaxial cable for video transmission which can effectively reduce the cost and eliminate the construction work.

IP cameras or analogue cctv?

Each systems are different with cons and pros, choosing the right system based on your needs. If your surveillance projects require the high resolution monitoring and don't have limited budged, then you should choose the IP cameras. Analog cctv system still can do perfectly job to secure your home and small business, since they can provide an adequate level of surveillance at a affordable cost.

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