How cellular security alarm works

It's obviously, alarm industry is shifting from traditional wired system towards a fully wireless system. The wireless no long just means communication between sensors and alarm panel via radio frequency (RF), but also for alarm transmission replace traditional telephone line to Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) or 3G/4G.

Reliability is crucial for alarm system. Traditional alarm systems are using telephone line for alarm transmission. This is vulnerable method for alarm transmission. The reason is intruder will cut the telephone line to disable the alarm system, before intend to break-in your premises.  With this reason, majority of security companies are offering GSM backup solution, security alarm with GSM cellular becomes the trends in the security industry. In US, there are 700,000 traditional phone lines are canceled each month. We can predict the alarm system only works with traditional phone line will disappear in the market soon or late.

Alarm telephone line cut, GSM backup

How cellular alarm system works?

Adding an extra GSM cellular communicator to alarm system, then it becomes cellular alarm system or (GSM alarm system).  GSM cellular communicator is core component for every GSM devices like GSM mobile phones.  Utilizing the GSM cellular communicator, the alarm system can communicate with alarm central station or home owner via wireless cellular network, therefore the system becomes portable alarm system, without telephone line connection, it's reliable and widely used communication method for alarm industry.

The working theory is simple, like sensor detects alarm event and trigger an alarm, and immediately alarm system make automatic phone call or send text message to alarm central station or home owner. 

Important notice for cellular alarm system

Ensuring the installation place covered with GSM cellular signal, without GSM cellular signal, your alarm system can not use the cellular network for alarm monitoring. Using cellular alarm system, you need to buy a prepaid or Pay-per-Use SIM card. With SIM Card, then the alarm system can use the GSM cellular network for alarm transmission, so just like the telephone line, it costs a little money.

Buy an self-contained cellular wireless alarm system

cellular security alarmSelf-contained cellular alarm
30 wireless zones, 8 wired zones, hybrid wireless alarm system based on GSM cellular communication, store up to 5 phone numbers for alarm reporting. Once an alarm tripped, the system can make auto dialing call and send text message (SMS).
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wireless security alarm kitSelf-contained cellular alarm
Wireless alarm kit, with built-in GSM communicator, four lines LCD display and smart touch keypad for operation, 30 fully programmable wireless zones, 8 wired zones. Once an alarm tripped, the system can make auto dialing call and send text message (SMS).
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Cellular monitoring vs internet monitoring

Several clients are asking whether we can provide alarm system with internet connection or not. It's simple to add this feature to alarm panel, but unfortunately internet connection for alarm monitoring is vulnerable technology. 

By using a pair of wire cutter, you can cut the internet cable in ten seconds. More over, the internet connection will lose once you lose power. When power failure, your alarm system may work with its internal backup battery, but the alarm signal can not transmit to home owner or alarm central station with reason of internet modem is OFF. By the way, sometimes internet service may go down, and modems and routers need to be reset for internet connection. All these case against internet monitoring.

internet out of service

In summary, among other monitoring methods, cellular monitoring connection is the best and only safe solution for alarm monitoring. When choosing the alarm system or package, it's better to choose alarm system with cellular monitoring feature.

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