3G Alarm System

Alarm systems work with 3G SIM card

Introduction to cellular communication

Since the mature of wireless technology, Cellular communication plays the vital role in alarm connection. Currently, the GSM cellular communicator becomes the primary or backup communicator for alarm communication. The wireless connection brings the flexibility to the system's installation, and one of securest alarm signal transmission method.

Does 3G alarm system really works good ?

Introduction about 3G alarm system

What's 3G alarm system? The alarm system that combined with 3G cellular technology and using 3G technology for transmission of alarm information (Call, SMS, video). After integration of 3G technology, it enables the alarm system sending multi-media information when alarm is triggered. In addition, users can watch the video remotely.

How cellular security alarm works

It's obviously, alarm industry is shifting from traditional wired system towards a fully wireless system. The wireless no long just means communication between sensors and alarm panel via radio frequency (RF), but also for alarm transmission replace traditional telephone line to Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) or 3G/4G.

Unifore released 3G sim alarm systems

April 30, 2014 Unifore is proud to introduce its G60-Ultimate (UTMS version) wireless alarm system - a product designed to work with both 3G/GSM cellular network to provide most reliable alarm wireless transmission. We haven't changed anything on functions for this model, but it adopts new cellular engine UC15 from Quectel.

"Reliablility and flexibility are two important advantages for wireless cellular technologies in alarm industry. The widely used alarm systems are equipped with built-in or backup GSM communicators." said Peter Chen, Unifore Marketing Director. Since the rapid deployment of 3G cellular technology, many users are switching from traditional GSM to 3G. Additionally, we realized some places without GSM cellular signal coverage which limited our users to use the GSM wireless alarm system. We see high demands for 3G compatible wireless alarm systems, and in this vein, Unifore launches the G60-Ultimate UTMS version.