Does 3G alarm system really works good ?

Introduction about 3G alarm system

What's 3G alarm system? The alarm system that combined with 3G cellular technology and using 3G technology for transmission of alarm information (Call, SMS, video). After integration of 3G technology, it enables the alarm system sending multi-media information when alarm is triggered. In addition, users can watch the video remotely.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for 3G alarm? 3G alarm not only can inform user about the alarm, but also can let user confirm and check the alarm information via video (check whether it's a false alarm or not). One of problem for 3G alarm is 3G alarm connects with Internet; it does the same functions of IP camera. Now IP cameras are more advanced and mature technology for remote surveillance. Cooperation with the software, the IP camera also can detect the motion and trigger the alarm, as well as can achieve more advanced features. IP cameras can provide mega pixel resolution video streaming. 3G alarm typically built-in 30 million pixels camera, and with compression format of MPEG4 design, plus with limitation of bandwidth, the 3G alarm system (or 3G camera) only can provide low-quality video.

More over, the 3G alarm system without universal communication protocol, 3G alarm system manufacturers may not be able to develop central monitoring software, thus 3G alarms can not connect with traditional central monitoring station. As a result, the 3G alarm system is only suitable for the DIY user.

Compare 3G alarm with GPRS alarm and GSM Alarm.

In security technology, PSTN (telephone line), GSM, IP will be the main trends for transferring alarm information for burglar alarm systems.3G alarms utilized 3G technology; it is great for transferring large files and streaming music and video. GSM and PSTN (telephone line) technology is great for messaging and other applications that requires small information. Except 3G alarm is most expensive system among these alarms, mobile operators charge transferring data fee on the basis of Mkb per month. GPRS only can transfer average one image in every two or five seconds, so GPRS alarm system only can send out MMS, also the speed is too slow.

Introduction of 3G technology

3G means third generation cellular network. W-CDMA is the widely used 3G technology that operated on the 2100MHz band. The geographical areas of cellular coverage for GSM are world wide (except Japan and South Korea). W-CMDA is world wide and TD-CDMA is adopted in Europe, and TD-SCDMA is exclusively in China.

>With the rapid increasing of smart phone devices (iPhone, iPad, Android phone), 3G technology is adopted in many countries. Due to mobile operators must build in entirely new cellular network for providing 3G service and consideration of the expense in upgrading transmission hardware, the 3G technology is relatively slow to be adopted globally.

Which countries are adopted with 3G network?

From statistics, there are more than 40 countries adopted 3G.

Africa: Mauritius (EMtel-Ltd), Morocco (Wana), Kenya (Safaricom), Mozambique, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda
Asia:Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, North Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
Europe:3G operates covered 80% of the European national populations.
America:Canada, USA, Venezuela,Brazil,Bulgaria,Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador,Honduras
Middle East: Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Syria (MTN Syria), Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
New Zealand, Australia

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