Tips of video surveillance system for end-users

Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV) are widely used in many applications such as building security, financial, transportation, home security...etc. There are variety of security cameras with diversity of features and advantages. How to choose the appropriate security camera for the application become one of hottest topic. Especially for the home owners, without full and detail knowledge on the equipment, can not make an optimum solution. Today, we are introducing some information about the surveillance camera for end-users.

video surveillance systems

Don't choose expensive product.

Home owner and shops (small enterprise) with tight budget, normally they will not invest too much money in the security project. Among video surveillance system, there are plenty of cameras with low-cost, high quality and stable performance. Small shop with limited space, distance between ground and ceiling is 5-7 meters. Dome camera is the best option. If using the standard box camera, it will occupy too much space. Due to the limitation of surveillance space, choosing the video surveillance camera, the view width should not be too wide, If the monitor can display the target for the surveillance camera, then it will be OK. Secondary, Many shops with light sources, so it's not essential to using Infrared (IR) camera. Without IR features and narrow surveillance area, these two can reduce the cost of surveillance camera effectively.

Home video surveillance system

In home video surveillance system, it's better to choose the delicate device, thus to keep the home decoration. If using too large, obvious device, it will ruin the layout of home decoration. Similarly, home video surveillance system should take the consideration of invisibility for the system, obvious device will be the target for the theft.

When choosing the video surveillance system, cable layout should be taken into consideration. Home decoration may not designed for the installation of home security system, so cable layout will be the problem. Wireless cameras with the features of easy install and multi-functions are the idea camera for the home surveillance system.

Installation of the home video surveillance system

Even you choose an advanced video surveillance camera, but you may not get the optimum performance without the correct installation. When install the video surveillance camera, if it's wireless camera, it requests good wireless signal without RF interference. In addition, install the camera should avoid the place near to the window in case of damage by force. Camera can be mounted on the ceiling, this will not only create a good view angle, but also can not be damaged easily.

After-sale service

System maintenance is one of important factors for choosing the video surveillance camera. After-sales service for security products not only include the repair and technical support services, but also with correlation of warranty, repair service, components supply, technical support, repair technical training, market information feedback...etc. Purchasing the products from the supplier that can provide after-sale service is important. When products or installation come with problems, then it can be solved quickly.

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