2013 buying guidance on cctv surveillance system

Since the equipment for cctv video surveillance equipment has undergone changes during the evolution of the technology including compact size of cameras, and improved performance of image sensor, as well as video recorder and more, thus we write an update guide to you on how to buy these equipment on the basis of usage and requirements.

2013 some tips on choosing video surveillance systems

With rapid development of video surveillance technology, we think we should write some new tips on how to select the right surveillance systems for your business and residential. There are a wide range of options for selecting the video surveillance systems. Whether you already installed video surveillance system or you are looking for video surveillance systems, we thought below tips will help you to find the suitable video surveillance systems.

3.6mm vs 6mm vs 8mm vs 12, 15, 30 cctv camera lens comparison

Lens is the eye of the security cameras. It's focal length determined the camera's field of view or how wide the camera can see and how far the camera can see. It's important to choose the correct camera lens for security cameras, or choose correct camera with correct lens. In surveillance market, there are 3.5mm, 3.6mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 30mm, 60mm, 100mm lens. Using the lens calculator, you may get a idea on the filed of view for the lens, but you may not get a clear idea what the camera will see in real surveillance scene.

960H surveillance, increased 30% resolution than D1

Merely check the product’s promotion information from manufacturer, you will not know the gap between ideal and reality. Especially for those parameters are hard to verify, consumers were mostly only been fooled. 960H surveillance systems appear in market for a long time, few people know the difference between this new technology and traditional surveillance system. We herein write this article to test the 960H camera and verify whether the 960H system can increased 30% resolution than D1 or not.

CCTV Tips TV Lines (Analog) vs Pixels (Digital Resolution)

What's CCTV resolution?

What's cctv resolution

Resolution is the "Overall picture sharpness" and it's measured by counting horizontal lines (horizontal resolution) and vertical lines (vertical resolution) of an image. The white lines are also counted as a line in the picture. In other words, resolution quantifies how closely the lines are to each other and yet still be visibly counted.

Coaxial Cable for Analogue Video Surveillance system

Coaxial Cable - An Overview

The most common means of conducting video signals from one piece of equipment to another is coaxial cable. Coaxial cable is often referred to as simply "coax". Not only is coax the most commonly used cable, but also the least expensive, most reliable, most convenient, and easily maintained way of transferring electronic images in a CCTV system.

Coaxial vs UTP, optic fiber for surveillance video transmission.

Currently, there are three major methods for surveillance video transmission, including coaxial cable, un-shielded twisted pair (UTP) cable, optical fiber and wireless…etc. Each of methods with cons and pros, can suitable for different applications, varies video transmission distance or differ image quality, with several years experience in installation of video surveillance cameras, herein we explain three main methods for video transmission.

Comparison between Ex-view HAD and Super HAD CCD cameras

What is EX-View CCD camera? and What's good or bad about it?

"EX-View" is a sensitivity-enhancement technology developed by SONY to improve light sensitivity of its CCD by a factor of two for visible light and a factor of four for near-infrared wavelengths.

Complete guidance for selection cctv surveillance cameras

Video surveillance systems play the vital role in deterrent criminals and provide the high quality video footage for investigation either for analysis or as evidence for legal purpose. Since the rapid development of video surveillance technology, the systems become more and more affordable for residential users.  Today you can find huge amount of similar cctv cameras with same price in the market. How to choose the right cctv cameras become the headache for some people who are not familiar with features of cctv cameras.

How to identify good and poor quality of security lens?

Lens is one of most important component for CCTV system, it's the essential component to consist the CCD image device. There are plenty of manufacturers that produce the various types of lens and models, also the improved features special lens continue launched. Now we can find the non-spherical lens in the market, it's belong to this innovation products. It breaks through the regulates of the CCTV industry, and innovate the traditional manufacturing process.

Security Cameras Lens

Tips of video surveillance system for end-users

Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV) are widely used in many applications such as building security, financial, transportation, home security...etc. There are variety of security cameras with diversity of features and advantages. How to choose the appropriate security camera for the application become one of hottest topic. Especially for the home owners, without full and detail knowledge on the equipment, can not make an optimum solution. Today, we are introducing some information about the surveillance camera for end-users.

video surveillance systems

What is WDR for CCTV Cameras?

Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) Technology uses two shutter speeds in alternative video fields, high and normal, and combines these two fields into one frame. It allows every detail to be captured accurately even if one portion is bright while other portions are dark. As a result, combined fields yield a frame of high quality images. Below is a comparison of camera technologies with its video images of Regular, Backlight Compensation (BLC), and Wide Dynamic Range.

What's IR LED array camera ?

Majority of people is familiar with infrared camera. Infrared cameras are the most widely used for video surveillance systems, especially for residential security. Now you will find out numerous of security camera called IR LED Array Cameras. What's the IR LED Array Camera? The security camera come with IR LED Array board, we call it IR LED Array Camera.

What's laser infrared security camera?

With the rapid development of LED technology, three different night vision technologies appear into security industry;Infrared LED, White-light, Laser Infrared Light. Recently some manufacturers introduce security cameras with laser infrared light. Herein we provide more information about this technology.

Why IR Filter in Color Cameras necessary?

An IR filter ? or IR cut filter - is a color filter blocking the infrared light. There are several good reasons for using an IR-cut filter. Using a color camera to achieve realistic colors in white light requires an IR-cut filter. The color spectrum seen by the human eye is quite limited compared to the spectrum seen by a CCD camera. Especially, in the near infrared region of the spectrum the difference in sensitivity is significant. This is important to know since many light sources, including the sun, emit infrared light.