What's IR LED array camera ?

Majority of people is familiar with infrared camera. Infrared cameras are the most widely used for video surveillance systems, especially for residential security. Now you will find out numerous of security camera called IR LED Array Cameras. What's the IR LED Array Camera? The security camera come with IR LED Array board, we call it IR LED Array Camera.

IR LED Array Camera650 tvl IR LED Array Camera
2 pcs Infrared LED Array, IR range 100ft, Sony Effio DSP technology, delivering 650 tv lines resolution, equipped with 4-9mm vari-focal lens
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IR LED array camera3pcs IR LED array camera
With 3pcs Infrared LED Array, night vision up to 150ft, equipped with 4-9mm vari-focal zoom & focus lens, Sony Effio technology, 700 tv lines resolution
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Difference between Infrared (IR) LED and Infrared LED Array

Infrared LED and Infrared LED Array are the device that can emit the active infrared ray. Infrared LED Array with more wide emitting angle (can reach up to 180 degree) than the traditional infrared LED. Traditional infrared LED only can emit the active infrared ray in a narrow angle (typically 40-50 degree). When the security camera with Infrared LED array, the emitted infrared will cover the whole surveillance area, that means the Infrared LED Array camera can see the whole area at darkness environment (such as at night).

In addition, the Infrared LED Array with high brightness. The output power of single Infrared Array is 1-30W, the brightness is about several hundred times of the output of the conventional single infrared LED (~ 15mW), as a result, the Infrared LED Array camera's night vision can reach more far away.

Infrared Array LED

Low power consumption is another advantages of Infrared LED array. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, normal Infrared LED optical conversion efficiency of only about 10%, while the Infrared LED Array electro-optical conversion efficiency is about 25%.

By the way, the lifespan for the Infrared LED Array is 50,000h(valid lifespan:10,000h), the time of lifespan is 9 times more than infrared LED (valid lifespan: 1200h).

In a nutshell, Infrared LED array will disperse the night vision across the whole image while offering lower power consumption than traditional night vision security cameras.

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