Alarm systems work with 3G SIM card

Introduction to cellular communication

Since the mature of wireless technology, Cellular communication plays the vital role in alarm connection. Currently, the GSM cellular communicator becomes the primary or backup communicator for alarm communication. The wireless connection brings the flexibility to the system's installation, and one of securest alarm signal transmission method.

China intrusion alarm system trend analysis

Since the 90s of the last century, some foreign brands intrusion alarm systems entry into China domestic market, and the earlier intrusion alarm systems only deployed in finance and museum, government utilities etc sensitive places. With rapid development of economy, now intrusion alarm systems’ application extend to shop, factory, office, school and residential, even some cities have setup a city monitoring network, covering government office to residential, nowadays intrusion alarm systems provide the vital role in society security and home safety.

Does 3G alarm system really works good ?

Introduction about 3G alarm system

What's 3G alarm system? The alarm system that combined with 3G cellular technology and using 3G technology for transmission of alarm information (Call, SMS, video). After integration of 3G technology, it enables the alarm system sending multi-media information when alarm is triggered. In addition, users can watch the video remotely.

How cellular security alarm works

It's obviously, alarm industry is shifting from traditional wired system towards a fully wireless system. The wireless no long just means communication between sensors and alarm panel via radio frequency (RF), but also for alarm transmission replace traditional telephone line to Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) or 3G/4G.

The new trends for alarm system

The alarm technology has undergone significant changes in past years. How to predict the future of technology and offering the trend products are the key success for every alarm system manufacturers. Review the ISC West show, we found the alarm system with touch screen technology and GSM cellular technology, hybrid systems are predominant the show. We are so pleased to see that our current security products meet these trends.

World countries plug voltage TV system GSM frequency table

We hope this table can help our people and also other people that can benefit from this quick summarize of power voltage, plug type, TV system, GSM Frequency around the world countries. This table can reduce the time for us to find the correct information and provide the correct alarm systems and video surveillance systems to our customers.