The new trends for alarm system

The alarm technology has undergone significant changes in past years. How to predict the future of technology and offering the trend products are the key success for every alarm system manufacturers. Review the ISC West show, we found the alarm system with touch screen technology and GSM cellular technology, hybrid systems are predominant the show. We are so pleased to see that our current security products meet these trends.

Touch screen is the standard for new home alarm system

Touch screen and touch keypad now is becoming the standard for the every home alarm system. The smart touch design can increase the user intuitive and make the alarm system’s programming and operation are too easy.

Cellular communication

Conventional alarm systems are using the PSTN (public switch telephone network) for alarm transmission between alarm system and central monitoring station. Now GSM cellular network is covering anywhere of world, as well as the 4G network developing, more and more customers prefer to use the alarm system with cellular communication technology. The alarm system with cellular technology with more flexible installation and remote control features. Alarm System with cellular technology can make people remote control the alarm system from their mobile devices.

It turns out that cellular communication becomes the primary means of communication in numerous alarm systems. Some companies are struggling among 2G, 3G and 4G, but if 2G is going away, 3G is too. Now majority of alarm systems are using 2G (GSM) technology for cellular communication.

Hybrid technology

Majority of our security alarm systems with wired zones and wireless zones for supporting wired sensors and wireless sensors. Wireless and wired alarm system with different advantages and disadvantages. Hybrid alarm system is the right choice for selecting alarm system, because it’s too flexible when you install the alarm system and also it’s secure. Example: If you have the two floor house, you can install the wireless sensors in first floor, and wired sensors in second floor.

The features of our GSM800 series alarm systems:

GSM800 alarm system is the professional commercial alarm system keypad and control panel are separate, the keypad with LCD display and touch keypad design. The alarm system is hybrid alarm system support 29 wireless zones and 8/16 wired zones. The alarm system now supporting PSTN and GSM for alarm transmission.

DSC Alarm System

The future of our alarm systems

Now we are engaging in developing the touch screen alarm system which combined the home automation features. Some manufacturers like DSC and Honeywell already launched the similar product in this year, but we will launched it in next year.

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