Home Automation

Alarm trends-GSM alarm system with home automation

Since the Apple company launched iPhone, iPad into market, now security industry experienced huge changes on the product's designing. Many security manufacturers shifted their design to follow the new trends which apple products brings to security industry. Even world economy in deep recession, it doesn't help on selling of cheap products, people are still preferring buy advanced security alarm systems.

ALYT: Smart Home System - Affordably Link Your Things

ALYT is similar to Siri which offers voice recognized based lifestyle assistance. It is also a smart home automation system can learn your lifestyle. It's an versatile product which offers security, lighting control, environment control functions.

DECT Alarm System and DECT Home Automation

DECT is a kind of wireless technology, based on this technology, each of home appliances or devices can communicate each other wirelessly. DECT is primarily widely used in cordless phone. With the fast growing needs for security & protection, as well as home automation, some electronics manufacturers released wireless alarm system and home automation system with integration of this technology.

GoControl Home security suites released by Nortek Security

Headquarter is located in Providence, USA, Nortek is a subsidiary of Nortek Group Limited that produces versatile home/business products including residential/business ventilation, heating and cooling equipment, as well as security & protection equipment. Its 2Gig Technologies specialize in producing and offering simple home security and automation suites including GoControl Home Security Suites, GoControl Thermostat, GoControl Bulbz smart light bulb, as well as GoControl light switch. All these equipment are based on proven Z-wave technology, supports Wi-Fi network connection, allowing user to stay connected with their home and business.

Hive - Smart Home Security System Z-Wave ZigBee

Hive - is another new startup company in smart home industry, they are trying to design Z-wave and ZigBee communication standards based smart home and security system.

ID-RF Released NodOn home automation suite to USA

EnOcean Alliance member ID-RF will be introducing its NodOn home automation suite to the North American market at the International CES 2015. The ID-RF showcase will be situated in the Sands, at booth 75552.

Introducing Z-Wave, Wi-Fi automation system - Zipato Zipamini

All-in-on smart home automation system - Zipato, which is the interactive security and automation system based on Z-Wave, Cloud technology. User can control, customize and automate all home appliances in your home, watch live video from your home and get instant alerts in case of any security issue. Zipato Zipamini is a powerful home automation gateway based on Dual Core ARM Cortex A7 processor, it supports Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and Ethernet communication. Zipato offers three main functions include security protection, energy management, home automation.

Philips Hue Introduced ZigBee 3.0 Security Sensors

Headquarter in Netherlands, Philips is a diversified technology company which engages in lighting, home appliances (TV, Refrigerator, Kitchen products and more), white accessories manufacturing. The company is one of pioneer lighting equipment and solution providers. Philips Hue is the new product portfolio for smart light products for home and business. On last smart home equipment exhibition, the Philips Hue unveiled its new products - ZigBee 3.0 based security sensors include a humidity & temperature sensor, a wireless door/window sensor and a wireless PIR motion sensor.

Proove Smart Start-up Kit for Home Automation

Proove - is a Sweden based corporation specializes in smart automation solution for home. The company offers Start-up kit including TSP100, TSP110, TSP200, TSP800 models. A basic start-up kit consists of hub unit and remote control socket, as well as dimmer, remote control. The hub unit is also called TellStick Net which can connect to Internet through WiFi or Ethernet connection. The remote control socket can allow user to turn on/off the lamps and home appliances, user can use the smartphone to control the brightness or colors of dimmer. In a nutshell, using the Proove smart start-up kit you can setup a easy automation system for your home or apartment.

Sentri adapts to your home, making home automation smarter

Sentri is a smart home device that evolves the traditional security system to give you a 360-degree view of your home, guarding everything from your home’s security to tracking its physical state. Sentri comes preloaded with a HD video camera and motion detector that you’ll find in typical security systems, in addition to a set of sensors that measure and display your home’s temperature, humidity levels, and air quality, making it the smartest security system on the market. Its platform and API is open to developers around the world. 

Smart home system - home security vs home automation

Just a few years ago, security system and home automation are totally different systems. Since the rapid growth of smartphone usage, many companies started to pay attention on "smart home" these days. From recent survey which has been conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Lowe’s.

The new trends for alarm system

The alarm technology has undergone significant changes in past years. How to predict the future of technology and offering the trend products are the key success for every alarm system manufacturers. Review the ISC West show, we found the alarm system with touch screen technology and GSM cellular technology, hybrid systems are predominant the show. We are so pleased to see that our current security products meet these trends.

Wi-Fi enabled electrical outlet works Apple HomeKit

ConnectSense introduces the new smart electrical outlet which works with Apple HomeKit. From Apple's website, HomeKit is a framework in iOS8 for communicating with and controlling connected accessories in a user's home. Similarly, as the competitor, Google launches project Brillo. Brillo is derived from Android but polished to just the lower levels. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and other Android things. When the smart electrical outlet/socket integrates with Apple's HomeKit, user can turn socket on/off by using Siri on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.