GoControl Home security suites

GoControl Home security suites released by Nortek Security

Headquarter is located in Providence, USA, Nortek is a subsidiary of Nortek Group Limited that produces versatile home/business products including residential/business ventilation, heating and cooling equipment, as well as security & protection equipment. Its 2Gig Technologies specialize in producing and offering simple home security and automation suites including GoControl Home Security Suites, GoControl Thermostat, GoControl Bulbz smart light bulb, as well as GoControl light switch. All these equipment are based on proven Z-wave technology, supports Wi-Fi network connection, allowing user to stay connected with their home and business.

Recently, the company released home security suite which offers simple do-it-yourself home security solution. The newly added equipment including:

GoControl Home Security Suites - Two suites, essential and premium, ideal for home/business security & protection. Includes PIR motion sensors and door/window sensors, works with your control hub through Z-Wave technology. Wireless transmission between sensors and hub, offers great flexibility for installation. The PIR motion sensor supports pet-immunity which have the capability to provide accurate motion detection, significantly reduced the false rate which mightbe caused by your pets. Included a strobe siren which can deterrent intruders once an alarm is triggered.

GoControl Thermostat - Z-wave based thermostat provides versatile functions to monitor environment factors. “Our GoControl Thermostat line is an exciting and strategic addition to our portfolio of smart connectable products, for one of the anchor categories in the connected home,” says Avi Rosenthal, Vice President Security & Control Products for Nortek Security & Control.  CoControl Thermostat can work standalone, have flexible compatibility to work with most popular alarm system and home automation system. It's oriented for both DIY and professional installation.

2Gig Home Automation System
2Gig Home Automation System

GoControl Control Panel - self-contained wireless alarm system to provide all-in-one security and home automation solution, the control panel is a LCD color touch screen, it has a built-in cellular communicator (support alarm.com) for reliable alarm signal transmission. The system is based on Z-Wave RF protocol which enable it to support with wide range of security sensors and home automation accessories.

GoControl Wireless Light Switch - which is a 3-way controllable home automation switch, support remotely turn ON/OFF the switch, also dimming of up to 5 Z-wave controlled lights.  It is an aesthetic design product for DIY consumer and installer. This smart switch can be wired anywhere power is avaialbe, without the need for a traveler wire.

GoControl Garage Door Controller - Open, close and monitor sectional garage doors from anywhere, DIY customer and installer friendly, based on Z-Wave technology, can be controlled by smartphone, tablet or Z-Wave controllers (hubs).

GoControl Bulbz - A Z-Wave protocol based smart light bulb, dimmable up to 100 levels, control through smartphone or tablet, and it comes with Edison screw, can be easilly installed on any light holders. Bulbz, a screw-in bulb provides soft-white illumination equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb and provides one of the simplest and most affordable intelligent lighting solutions available. 

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