China intrusion alarm system trend analysis

Since the 90s of the last century, some foreign brands intrusion alarm systems entry into China domestic market, and the earlier intrusion alarm systems only deployed in finance and museum, government utilities etc sensitive places. With rapid development of economy, now intrusion alarm systems’ application extend to shop, factory, office, school and residential, even some cities have setup a city monitoring network, covering government office to residential, nowadays intrusion alarm systems provide the vital role in society security and home safety.

a woman operate the alarm system

From the geographical perspective, alarm system first introduced in coastal regions, then expand to inland area, in the view of network evolution factor, alarm system went through land-line, IP network, GSM/GPRS, 3G/4G network. On the other side of technology factor, experienced professional turns to intelligent, integrated solution, user-friendly design. No matter from which point of view, the continuous improvement for alarm systems are moving forward to meet the users satisfaction.

Intrusion alarm system trend

Now the intrusion alarm system will develop in below aspects:

  • Ensure the reliability of products, such as improve the durability of products, anti-lighting, anti-interference design.
  • Add more functions, and convenient for installation and operation, such as select-able frequency bands for sensors, programmable zones, set anti-mask zone, anti-tamper, and connection between alarm panel and wireless sensors.
  • Easy to install and operate the alarm system without any hassle, wireless technology utilized in communication between sensors and alarm panel.
  • Move forward to intelligent function, example add zone management, voice reminding, bio-metric method for Arm/Disarm system, alarm send MMS and video footage, remote control…etc technology.
  • Multi-channel transmissions, from traditional land-line network expand to IP network, GSM/GPRS, VPN network, through data encryption technology, secure the data transmission, also can make the system automatically switch to the network for backup function, accelerate the transmission speed, as well as offered reliability.
  • Advanced integration and expandable capability allow alarm system output signal to other system, link to CCTV system, Access Control System and so on, achieve conformity between various systems, make the alarm system further progress on alarm system automation, intelligent.

Lacking detection accuracy

The detection accuracy depends on the front-side intrusion sensors, with limitation of detection technology, various sensors with theirs defects that hard to overcome for detection. Such as the widely used PIR motion sensor, the working theory is protecting space by 'looking' for changes in infrared (heat) energy levels caused by movement of an intruder. If the detection object’s temperature is very close to environment, then PIR motion sensor basically is in a failed state, significantly increased the risk of failure detection. Take microwave sensor for another example, due to the penetration capability of microwave, the sensor often detect the movement from other side of wall, this will increase the false detection rate, also the reflected strong light may cause the active infrared beam sensor stop to make accurate detection. In nutshell, decrease the false alarm and accuracy of detection need to use not only quality sensor, but also use different detection technologies sensors, such as simultaneously use vibration sensor, air pressure sensor, dual-tech motion sensor (PIR+Microwave), sound intensity sensor, one detection technology can make up for the other detect technical flaws, overlap installation can be done to compensate from each other and put an end to the purpose of failure detection and false alarm.

Intrusion alarm system application's limitations

From realistic of few shops and residential installed and used the intrusion alarm system, As it turns out, current intrusion alarm system still with problem of lacking of ease-of-use and user-friendly features. Additionally, the improper installation and lack of knowledge for alarm system may also caused the high false alarm rate. On the other hand, considering the security and reliability of system, there is conflict between the design and usage flexibility, example; when the zone is not ready for Arm, alarm system can not be Armed, from system’ security, zone with problem, should be repaired. But user think this is a defect for alarm system when operate the system. From statistic, improper installation, wrong operation from user caused 95% false alarms, few false alarms caused by system’s flaw.

Intrusion alarm system development outlook

Protect home and business from intrusion is the fundamental function for alarm systems. Accompany the social development, economic prosperity, as well as increasing safety awareness from people, intrusion alarm systems and related security equipment is bound to spread to every families and business.

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