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Intrusion Alarm System

2013 amazing new intrusion alarm system and cctv equipment

Protecting your residential and commercial business can not be even more easier in nowadays. With mature development of technology, security equipment no longer the luxury products that are limited for rich people, now you can get a cost-effective intrusion alarm kit with GSM function less than 100 USD, also the price for analogue security camera and DVRs significantly drop. A whole set of cctv DVR system package may only cost you 300 USD. In 2013, we are pleased to launch some new design GSM intrusion alarm system and security cameras, as well as standalone DVRs.

China intrusion alarm system trend analysis

Since the 90s of the last century, some foreign brands intrusion alarm systems entry into China domestic market, and the earlier intrusion alarm systems only deployed in finance and museum, government utilities etc sensitive places. With rapid development of economy, now intrusion alarm systems’ application extend to shop, factory, office, school and residential, even some cities have setup a city monitoring network, covering government office to residential, nowadays intrusion alarm systems provide the vital role in society security and home safety.

Intrusion detectors in museum protection application

Museums are the place to heritage of human history. Artifacts in the museum are crystallization of human, with priceless value on history, art, scientific...etc. Museums offering public exhibition with the risk of burglary (or theft). Burglar alarm system can protect the museum away from theft and fire disaster.

New GSM intrusion alarm system for home security DIY

With fast developing of electronic technology, alarm systems get evolved from hardwired technology to wireless technology. Now majority of intrusion alarm systems are combined with GSM cellular technology which replaced the typical telephone line (or PSTN) for alarm transmission, more and more people no longer to wait security installer to install the alarm system, a lot of people are now choosing to install the alarm system by themselves.