New GSM intrusion alarm system for home security DIY

With fast developing of electronic technology, alarm systems get evolved from hardwired technology to wireless technology. Now majority of intrusion alarm systems are combined with GSM cellular technology which replaced the typical telephone line (or PSTN) for alarm transmission, more and more people no longer to wait security installer to install the alarm system, a lot of people are now choosing to install the alarm system by themselves.

Many security companies have recognized that some customers do not prefer the monitoring service and won't to sign the monthly monitoring contract, with the reason of people can DIY and self-monitoring their home.

The currently best selling intrusion alarm systems are GSM self-contained alarm systems, the self-contained alarm systems with keypad design and built-in GSM communication module, siren...etc. Self-contained system is compact and simple to use.

new intrusion alarm system

Our new designed GSM intrusion alarm system with geat looks and come with full-featured security and safety solution for residential and commercial business. The alarm system includes all the functions as wired alarm system, and it adopts the wireless technology without compromising the look of the home or office. Different from other DIY alarm system, this alarm system comes with touch keypad (with backlight) that are easy to use, comes with big blue full message LCD display.

Compared to other security alarm systems, this alarm can support SIM card and telephone line. The alarm system built-in high quality microphones. When an alarm is triggered, the user can listen what happens in the home remotely. The alarm features of Home Arm, Away Arm modes for residential users, with function of smart zones to monitoring open and close of doors and windows. The alarm system can program 5 phone numbers for alarm receiving, including 1 central monitoring station number and 4 personal numbers. The system is compatible with Contact ID, it can either for monitoring service or self-monitoring.

Different from other security companies, we can provide full security solutions for customers. Currently, we can provide interior protection sensors and perimeter protection sensors, as well as fire sensors to work with our alarm system. For commercial security solution, we can provide full range of video surveillance systems.

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