GSM alarm system self-monitoring no monthly monitoring fee

Recently we launched new GSM alarm system for self-monitoring. The G70E alarm system is new design wireless alarm system which combined with GSM cellular technology for residential and commercial. The system with combination of intrusion detection and fire detection functions, it's the ideal security device to prevent intrusion and fire disaster. Different from other types of alarm system, the G70E alarm system with button keypad design, and this design cut the cost of the alarm panel and provide user-friendly interface for programming and operation.

How the self-monitoring alarm system works ?

Every self-monitoring alarm systems need to connect to telephone line or insert a SIM card, so the alarm system can connect into PSTN or GSM network. When any emergency occurs, the alarm system will send out the signal via telephone line or GSM cellular network directly to user. Typically, the alarm system can program several phone numbers (you or your neighbour's) for alarm receiving. User can receive the alarm information via voice dialling call or short message (SMS). For the voice dialing call, if the first user do not pick up the phone, it will dial three times, then dial next phone number. Different from voice dialing call, the alarm system send text message (SMS) to every preset phone numbers.

The alarm system send alarm information directly to user,  will not transmit to security company, we call these alarm systems as self-monitoring alarm system. After install the self-monitoring alarm system, user will not pay any monthly monitoring fee.

Wireless alarm system for self-monitoring

As usually, G70E alarm system work with SIM card and telephone line. The alarm system can automatically switch between GSM and PSTN. The G70E alarm system with blue LCD display, built-in with advanced & user-friendly menu system. The alarm system with 30 wireless zones and 8 hardwired zones, work with any kinds of detection sensors (such as PIR motion sensor, Active beam sensor, smoke sensor, heat sensor, panic button...etc). G70E alarm system can set up to 5 phone numbers for alarm receiving, more advanced features including supports STAY ARM (HOME ARM) and AWAY ARM modes for residential users, support entry delay and exit delay time setting (00-59 seconds), Siren ON/OFF and time setting, telephone line cut alert setting, zone attribute for setting different zone types, alarm types and bypass zones for alarm system, smart zone functions, alarm history and operation history.

G70E alarm system is the cost-effective security alarm system with button keypad design. At the back of alarm panel, the alarm system with SIM card slot and telephone line input and output, small POWER ON/OFF switch, Record & Play button for voice message. In addition, the alarm panel with interior siren design.

At the end, G70E alarm system is a complete self-monitoring wireless GSM alarm system kit. The kit includes G70E alarm panel, new design wireless PIR motion sensor (VS-WH500), wireless magnetic contact, new design wireless keyfob, wireless indoor strobe siren, AC/DC power adapter, installation bracket & other accessories.

Major Features

Wireless technologyWireless Technology
Totally wireless communication, without construction works and drill holes in your house, mount the sensors on the wall, sync to alarm panel, then it works. Wireless technology enable un-trained residential user to install the alarm system easily without compromise security. Since the rapid developing of wireless technology, wireless no longer means un-secure. Now 80% of residential users are choosing wireless alarm system.

DIY alarm systemDIY Alarm
With the reason of alarm system is wireless system, very easy to install, make our alarm system the perfect DIY alarm system. After purchase the alarm system, you just need to simply switch it on, then it works, this makes user to install the alarm system within 30 minutes. Security alarm system with LCD display and keypad for programming and operation the alarm system.

Expand featuresExpandable System
Expandable features is another benefits of installing wireless alarm system. Typically the standard alarm kit only include one wireless PIR motion sensor and one wireless magnetic contact. You may need to add more sensors to your wireless system. After connect to the battery, then sync the sensor to alarm panel, then it works. Due to we are using the learning technology for the wireless communication, it's simple and secure. User also can add more wireless smoke sensors, even perimeter sensors for protecting windows and doors.

DIY alarm systemGSM/SIM connection
After purchase the alarm system, you just need to get a GSM SIM card for the alarm system, the alarm system can works without telephone line. After insert the SIM into alarm system, the alarm system can make voice call and send text message (SMS) to your mobile, once any emergency occurs. Now you can monitor your home from anywhere around the world. It's sure that user can use the mobile phone remotely to Arm/Disarm the alarm system via SMS.

Self-monitored AlarmSelf-monitored
Driveway alarm system only make sounds when it detect the intrusion, it's close to useless. If you have subscribered monitoring service, it may takes half hour to arrive and check the situation. Now the self-monitoring alarm system can help you. You can set the alarm sysetm to make phone call or send SMS up to 5 peple of your choosing with a pre-recorded message inform them that the alarm has been activated. The alarm system with microphone built-in which can enable people listen in what is happening in your house.

Backup BatteryBackup Battery
The alarm system with Lithium-ion battery as the backup power for the alarm system. If the intruder cut your electricity, the alarm system still can works for maximum 24 hours. Due to wireless sensors are powered by batteries, so even with your power off, the motion sensor, window/door sensors, strobe siren will still continue to operate. In addition, when the electricity is off , the alarm system will send text message out to remind users.

Day & Night AlarmDay & Night Alarm
The alarm system supports HOME ARM and AWAY ARM modes. Whether you are sleeping or awake, when alarm system is in HOME ARM mode, perimeter zones will be activate and motion zones will be deactivate, fire zones and panic zones will be activated in 24 hours, it can not be controlled by user. When the alarm system is in AWAY ARM mode, all the sensors will be activated.

Panic alarmPanic Alarm
Place the panic button in your bedroom, press the panic button to summon aid in emergency situation.

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