600TV Line Digital Security Camera

CCD (Charge Coupled Device), being photosensitive and the core component of a camera, determines the general performance of a caemra. The UNIFORE surveillance camera adopts the latest second genration of ultra-sensitive CCD and DSP to ensure its product's performance. By employing the second generation of high sensitivity CCD and 1/3", SPR600 enjoys a more goreous and vivid color in day light environment.


SPR600 600 TV Lines Security Cameras

It is proven by test that when facing exterior green, buildings, roads and traffic, UNIFORE day & night camera is able to provide clear, refined images with great stereovision and sound representation of original color. what's more, it could provide clear color images with tiny noise when used at nights with interior lights on. When shooting exterior roads and buildings in dark condition, the image mode can be converted from Color to B/W with a click. The converted B/W image is stalbe and even the zebra crossing and the contents on the buildings can be clearly identified. When employing auxiliary IR light to test the IR induced effects, the camera shows its high sensitivity and there is no continuous switchover caused by interruption from other light source. Moreover, the brightness of the image is improved in an instant and thus excellent image quality is acquired.

SPR600 600 TV Line Security Camera Back View

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