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New weatherproof outdoor security cameras for residential and commercial building

For security monitoring industry, IR night vision high resolution waterproof camera has been favored by end-users for its excellent night vision and waterproof performance since it has been launched into the market. Besides all the superior performances possessed by the other conventional IR night vision waterproof cameras. UNIFORE IR night vision high resolution waterproof camera also has adopted the unique innovative techniques of the world in the key design respects of infrared light refraction, air circulation, temperature control, waterproofing work, lens zooming & focusing, service life of infrared illuminators, and image angle etc. , which fully satisfied the requirements of 24 hours, 7 days monitoring requirements for the global important monitoring places. This camera has been widely used in urban roads, parking lots, fire stairways, financial organizations, government agencies and public security organs,courts and justice systems, and the difficult problems such as collecting clear pictures from the cameras in the night can be completely solved.

new waterproof IR security cameras

  • Dual glass windows structure can effectively prevent infrared light refraction.
  • Ventilation system protects the camera from the heat of IR LEDs and de-humifies the camera, ensuring the long-life durability of IR LEDs.
  • Cable concealed bracket has reached the highest international waterproof grade IP67
  • Built-in heater is able to work normally when the temperature is as low as 40 degrees below zero. (optional)
  • IR corrective lens completely guarantee the focus effect when IR LED is truned on.
  • The lens can be f-4-9mm (30 meters), 9-22mm (50 meters), 5-50mm (80 meters) which can absolutely assue the image quality and meet most practical needs.

In addition, UNIFORE new generations IR night vision high resolution waterproof cameras adopt the latest second generation high sensitivity SUPEr HAD II CCD, which ensures the overall performance of UNIFORE camera. Compared with transitional CCD and DSP, the brightness of this camera is doubled in the night vision mode with clean color screen and clear image, After being transferred into B/W (Black & White) by UNIFORE unique American ICR filer, the image benefits smaller noise, clearer profiles, sufficient brightness, and super sensitivity for light under night vision conditions. There is no visible IR exposure when infrared LEDs are turned on. While when there is enough light, the image will be clearer, and the color will be true. High horizontal resolution of 600/700 TV Lines make a much clearer outline with visual image and a stronger stereo vision sensor with panorama and depth of field.

The second generation SUPER HAD II CCD and DSP

High Sensitivity SUPER HAD II CCD Sensor

High resolution of 550/600/700 TV Lines

Second generation high sensitivity CCD and DSP ensures this series cameras the highest horizontal resolution up to 550 TV Lines for color. The user can expect extremely clear and excellent visual image quality. And after being transferred into B/W (Black & White ) by UNIFORE unique American ICR filter, the image will achieve a 600 TV Liens.

Hight resolution security cameras

Noise reduction technology for high quality image

IR Corrective Lens

To avoid the distortion of image focusing caused by different focusing distance between ordinary light and infrared source. IR corrective lens is designed with unique double focusing function, which finally solves the problem that troubles numerous IR night vision cameras for a long time. The following comparison of the two diagrams perfectly illustrates the excellent performance of the lens used by UNIFORE IR night high resolution cameras when dealing with the problems of focusing distortion.

IR corrective lens diagram

Ultra wide-angle surveillance range

The maximum focal length for the lens of UNIFORE IR night vision cameras are f=4-9mm (30 meters), 9-22 mm (50 meters), 5-50mm (80 meters), which can absolutely assure the image quality and meet most requirements, especially when 90 degree bi-directional coverage is needed.

Wide angle zoom lens

Day & Night function

Camera with day & night function can automatically converter color mode into B/W mode in accordance with optical changes. When the surrounding environment darkens, the new generation of UNIFORE IR night vision high resolution camera will automatically convert into clean and bright B/W image, with its new generation of American ICR filer automatically converting into transparent. The service life of the ICR filter doubles that of conventional double-filter and the performance of brightness and barrage jamming of noise of the former also improves by 50% than that of the laster in B/W mode. The automatic day & night function of UNIFORE IR night vision camera enable it to capture high quality color images at day and clear B/W images at night, thus is qualified for a 24 hours surveillance. Conventional IR camera are subject to fuzzy focus during the conversion from well-focused color mode to B/W mode, thus the IR camera housing has to be removed to adjust the lens.

Day & Night Automatic Conversion

Digital Noise Reduction

Digital noise reduction is applied to reduce image noise caused by low light and improve S/N and image resolution, thus to acquire clear and sharp images in low light conditions and to completely eliminate the image noise.

Digital noise reduction

Gamma Curve

Four curves of different modes can be chosen when making variable gamma correction. For different modes, it takes different approaches for the light and dark area of the image. The best images can be achieved on different occasions by selecting appropriate modes.

Gamma correction

BLC Multi-zone setting

BLC function is applied to automatically coordinate the scene with sharp contrast of light and shade, thus to achieve overall optimization of the image. Adopting new generation of CCD and DSP, UNIFORE IR Night Vision Cameras show the excellent performance on BLC effect.

Back light compensation technology

Motion Detection, Multi-zone settings

When user is simultaneously monitoring, UNIFORE IR Night Vision Camera detects a motion of any objects on the screen and transmits alert signal into the external alarm to make user's attention on the screen. With multi-zone motion detection setting function and multi-zone settings for the motion detection, the camera makes even the nuances of any moving object visible at any time.

Motion Detection for security camera

Privacy zones setting for image masking

For the privacy protection of the monitored person or environment in open areas, some particular areas or images can be masked by color blocks. UNIFORE camera allow users to easily set up the masking positions and sizes of blocks. UNIFORE particularly designed many blocks for users, so that the privacy protection for monitoring in various occasions becomes easier and simpler.

privacy setting for security cameras

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