Alarm system that you should not to buy

Alarm systems provide good protection for your home and business. These are many things need to consider before take the action to purchase a set. Analysis the requirements (installation environment) is the first step, and choose a suitable one is crucial for you to begin with the installation plan. Not all alarm systems can work correctly and effectively, even some systems will bring with trouble for you.

No cheap alarm system

Alarm system is one of investment for your home and business, you should avoid to use the cheap and low quality system.

Cheap alarm systems often bring the trouble for the user. Everybody should know that cheap alarm system come with high false alarm rate. We know that all alarm system may trigger the false alarm, the false alarm can not diminished, but it can reduce into lowest rate. Many people think false alarm comes from alarm system, but the reality is it comes from detectors, especially from the motion detector. Cheap alarm system often use cheap low quality PIR motion detectors, these detectors are easily interfered by the temperature changes, heat flow, sun light, pets...etc.

Don't buy alarm system without "Home Arm" features.

We think most of alarm systems with this basic features, but also many alarm systems only with "Away Arm", without the "Home Arm" feature. The "Home Arm" function is one of crucial features for home owner users. Typically, alarm system with two Arm methods; Home Arm, Away Arm.

"Home Arm" works when you are at home. When system is in this status, you can move inside of home do not trigger the alarm. People from outside, try to get into home illegally will trigger the alarm.

"Away Arm" works when you are out, and nobody in the home, people try to get into home illegally and people inside home, both of these situation will trigger the alarm.

Alarm system without powerful siren.

It's a wrong concept that installation alarm system to catch the intruders. The purpose of alarm system is to prevent the intrusion; keep away from intrusion. To achieve this purpose, a powerful siren is necessary. The siren not only can scare away the intruder, but also alert you and your neighbor, also people that around.

Wireless alarm systems use the fixed code technology.

Normally, purchase alarm system, you will get a wireless kit that includes: control panel, keypad, magnetic contact, motion detector, power fully.

Only two detectors are available in the kit, these two detectors only be enough for a small room that with one window and one door. It means you have to get more extra detectors for your small application. If you are not specialist, then you'd better to use the wireless alarm system with learning technology.

Learning technology are more easier than fixed code. It doesn't require people with technical knowledge when increasing the quantity of detectors. Fixed code technology are complicated on programming, also it's not secure, easy to be duplicated

Alarm System without warranty and after sale service

Usually people tend to buy alarm system from online store, before purchase the alarm system, you need to take the alarm with warranty and choose the company that can provide after sale service. Installation of alarm system may not require you with the advanced technical skill, but it does need it. Good company can provide solution and solve the problem if you are facing when do the test and installation. After installed the alarm system inside of house, it's not easy to re-install. Alarm system come with warranty can reduce the cost of maintenance.

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